Thursday afternoon I got an email.  It was followed by a phone call several hours later, after the children were in bed.  It was good news, thankfully!  We so much needed good news after the sadness earlier in the year.

Months ago, I asked for prayer for Aunt Mel as she had been diagnosed with stage III endometrial cancer.  Every three weeks throughout the summer, she went in for chemotherapy.  October brought radiation.  It was rough going but she did well with the treatments.

On Tuesday she had a CAT scan and a PET scan.  She got the results at her appointment on Thursday morning.


What an awesome report!  They are fairly confident that there are no cancer cells in her body, although she will need to go back for more testing in 3 months and 6 months.

Today I am thankful for her health, and even for the difficult treatments that brought this about.  For the LORD who has truly been gracious to us in this matter.  Gracious to me, especially.  She is a very special person to me and I am SO thankful to be able to have her around for a little while longer.

I am also thankful that I was able to talk with her for three hours on Thursday night.  It made for a late night but it was a wonderful, encouraging conversation.  And while we talked, I reorganized the pantry and folded newsletters.  (I’m also thankful for that added bonus of productivity during the conversation!)

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8 Responses to “TT: CLEAN!”

  1. Denise Says:

    Praise God for this wonderful news concerning your dear aunt mel sweetie, very happy for you.

  2. sheila Says:

    That is AWESOME! And very well received I’m sure after the rough year. I feel such good things for you.

  3. Veggiemomof2 Says:

    So ironic! As soon as I came here, i thought of my Grandma, who LOVED everything purple. Then to read what the post was about…Grandma died of Uterine cancer. So I knew what those tests were & how amazingly awesome it is to get a clean PET scan. Congrats to her & thanks for the reminder 😉

  4. nani Says:

    This is wonderful news!!! What a beautiful gift 🙂

  5. debi b Says:

    OMGOSH! What wonderful news! So great to hear!
    praise God!

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