I am a Purple person.

A Jesus lover and doer (at least, attempter) of what He said.

A moose viewer.

Calf rearer.  Got three of em, in fact.

Bull helper.  The Bull, I mean.

Worshipper of the King.  I don’t mean just singing happy songs and clapping my hands. I mean living to (again, attempt to) please Him.

Truth seeker.

Scrapbooker, crocheter, blog writer, chief dishwasher.  Not necessarily in that order.   🙂

Forgiven and being healed and looking to the One who is the Author and Finisher of my faith.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Hello Purple Moose!

    I thank the Lord for the love that you have for our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    It is a sweet aroma that fills a desolate void when one is not looking up at Him and needs to be reminded of the source, the powerhouse where one can be restored.

    I too have had miscarriages that He has made into something beautiful. I wrote out every moment in my journal and I have had to pull those notes out again and again for others He so much wanted me to show His Light.

    The toughest time I had was just to be a good listener for others who struggled more than I with darkness, silence and selfish wants. I cried for them and didn’t want to give Him those burdens… I carried the load myself. He showed me how to pray for them and watch Him do the work.

    Your words on your blog that bring life to His Name, that shouts “Him alone, I will stand”, speaks volume to a hurting, struggling heart…don’t give up writing and sharing with others the mighty strength He has given you. There is a world out there that needs to hear…HIM.

    He uses every ounce with what He has equipped you with to make love pour into the bitter cup, where we ourselves have drank. “Until sin is bitter, Christ can not be sweet”.
    Your sweet aroma comes from this bitter cup you drank. Thank you for drinking all of it. May the Lord strengthen you each minute, hour, days and years as you remember and look toward Him.

    Many Blessings!
    Psalm 46
    Hebrews 11

  2. Barbara/PurpleMoose Says:

    Hi there – It’s nice to meet another Purple Moose. I have been PurpleMoose since . . . well, a long time now – early 2000s.

    It’s a blessing to find another who is a lover of my Lord, He Who is Lover of my soul.

    I’m in Kenai, Alaska – whereabouts are you and your family. Blessings on you and yours, esp. with the arrival of your new little calf.

  3. kenaipurplemoose Says:

    Hi there – I am PurpleMoose, too – for many years. 🙂 Nice to meet another – and one who is a lover of the Lover of my soul as well.

    blessings on you and yourse – esp. as you await your new little calf.

    I’m in Kenai, Alaska – whereabouts are all of you?

  4. Allison Says:

    Hi Annie,
    Oh, your kids are gorgeous! So glad to see them all! Ken and I remember your wedding with affection! Wow, that’s 3 exclamation points … ! 4
    Looking forward to more “visits”.

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