BPS: This Beautiful Mess

This reminds me of one of my favorite music groups and one of my favorite songs from this album (although this song is on two different cds, and this video shows the other cd.)

I am NOT a messy person.  Well, I am really, the house is usually a mess.  But I despise cleaning up messes and being sticky and getting my hair messed up, that kind of thing.  So it is a stretch for me to let the kids use play doh or cook or other messy things.  We do it, but it stresses me out greatly!

But when I think of a beautiful mess, this is one of my first thoughts.  This is Calf #1’s first picture after his birth.  He was quite a mess!  Aside from being long, his delivery and birth went fairly well.  The doctor checked him over and Calf #1 seemed to be doing very well with great Apgar scores.  Then the doctor left the hospital.

And then Calf #1 turned white.  There was a bit of panic there in the delivery room for a while.

I was still euphoric about having a son, and did not grasp the enormity of the situation at all!  The Bull talked the nurses into letting me hold him for a few moments, holding an oxygen mask over his face, while they prepared a place for him in the NICU.

Within minutes they had taken him and fitted him with an oxygen hood.  He knocked it off. 🙂  So they switched him to a nasal cannula.  IV antibiotics were started fairly quickly, too, into his umbilical stump.

Aside from his mess, the mama was a mess too!  The initial euphoria wore off when the doctor came back in and told us that our little boy was very sick, and they weren’t yet sure why.  I really wasn’t expecting the nurses to need to take my baby to the NICU at all!  So we were not prepared for this separation.  And with his difficulty breathing, nursing him was out of the question.

One day later, he had made a little progress but was still in the NICU and still not allowed to nurse.

Here’s the proud new papa, with his little boy!

This was our first family picture and the second time I got to hold my baby.  Of course I was crying!  We looked so young then.  😉

Cultures came back positive for group B strep (GBS) and the IV was moved from umbilical stump to hands and feet.  I was amazed and appalled how long it took them to get those IVs started!! UGH!!  The poking, it was not very pleasant to watch and not comfy at all for the poor little calf.  The doctor seemed to be the only one who could get the darned thing in sometimes.

At one and a half days old (which seemed like half of forever!), his breathing had stabilized enough that he was taken off the oxygen and brought back into my room.  And there was no way I was going to let them take him back after that!!  The nursing was difficult, but we persisted and figured it out, with some help from a wonderful, patient nurse.

He spent a week in the hospital for IV antibiotics  It was a very difficult time for us.

But he continued to grow and thrive and soon we were pretty sure that all systems were “go,”

eh, so to speak.  😉

Our Going Home day was a blast.  I was exhausted and still quite sore (cursed episiotomy!!) so we made only one stop on the way home (to visit some elderly friends so they could meet our little guy–there weren’t at home; later we learned they were at the hospital to see us!)  Blissful, blessed messy home!

It was only later, as I looked back over that week, that I realized how blessed we had been.  It was a difficult week, to be sure, but it ended well: we took our baby home.  I shudder to think of how the story might have gone if his birth had worked the way we had planned.  It’s amazing to be able to look back and say, “The LORD sure knew what He was doing!”

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BPS: Good Hair Gone Wrong!

I am surprised that I haven’t participated in Baby Picture Sunday in sooooo long!! Seriously, my last one was August (way back when I was pregnant, before miscarrying. . . it seems like it was another whole lifetime ago.)   I never meant to quit for so long.  It is one of my favorite memes all week.

It’s good to be back!

Today’s theme is kind of hairy.  All three of my children were born with a full head of dark hair that did not fall out.

(The Bull was saying that this guy, our firstborn, needed a haircut before he was born!)

You know how they say if you have a lot of heartburn during your pregnancy, the baby will have lots of hair?

It was pretty much constant after about 20 weeks with my secondborn.  (It was the week of my brother-in-law’s funeral, actually.)

I wasn’t really surprised by how much hair the kids had, though.

It kinda runs in my family.  🙂  (Yup, that’s me, just a couple of days old!)

One by one, each kid’s hair lightened up.  The youngest is practically blonde!

And I’ve had a lot of fun with doing the girl’s hair.

And I’m not the only one who’s having fun!! 🙂

Baby Picture Sunday is hosted by Debi every week! She posts the theme in advance, so you could join us next week.

BPS: Sippy Cup

Sunday again . . . the weeks are just flying!!  That’s sort of a good thing, since we’re on a count down to 40 weeks.

Today’s pics take us back to Calf #2’s first taste of a jelly-filled donut, 10/7/07.  He was three years old.  And. . . he was, ah, afraid of it.


I found his reaction quite humorous.  We tried to give him a spoonful of jelly, twice (you can see the jelly-filled spoons beside the plate) but he would have none of it.


So tentative. . . so careful. . .


This is my boy who doesn’t like being messy.  Jelly donuts really stretched his horizons.


But in the end, he was successful!  Yes, folks, we have a jelly-donut-eater on our hands!

(Sorry, Debi, I know that these pics had nothing to do with the sippy cup. . . but they were all I could find with sippy cups!)

Baby Picture Sunday is a great, fun meme that Debi hosts every week!  Why not join us next week?

BPS: Orange

Orange you glad it’s Sunday?  I am!   It’s Baby Picture Sunday again!  Our weekly trip down memory lane.

Today’s excursion takes us back to when Calf #2 was a newborn.  We’d just  heard about a neat thing at The Home Depot . . . called Kids’ Workshop, it gives kids and parents a chance to make a wood project together.  Calf #1 was just barely able to hold the hammer then!  We’ve made many fun projects over the years since then.


Here, The Bull is helping Calf $1 make a little shelf.  And  the kids get to take their aprons home, what fun!  We now have quite a collection or orange at our house.  (They are good cover ups for painting, too.)


You can check with your local Home Depot for timing.  Here, it’s the first Saturday of the month. And if you prefer Lowe’s, I’m told that they have a similar program.  I’m not sure what their schedule is, though.

And did I mention that it’s free??  Oh yeah! Free fun and education for the kids!  And neat little projects that are perfect for cluttering your house or giving as gifts. 😉

This photo was just too cute not to share.  My dad and his wife loved to send the boys matching shirts.  And we love Carharrt’s!  Great combination!


Orange you glad you stopped by today?  Be sure to check out Debi’s place to see others who linked up today.

BPS: Free Choice

This week we’ve had a busy weekend and I’m really tired, no energy, so I didn’t look very hard for pics.

These are from our little girl’s dedication day, when she was three weeks old.


I made this sweater almost a decade before she was born.  I crocheted little things and sold them at craft bazaars. . . this one was left over at the end of that and I figured I’d save it in case I ever had a little girl.


And this beautiful little gown is another item I’d come across years before marrying and having children.  The afghan was knitted by Grandma for the little girl.

That’s all the memory-lane tripping I’ve got the energy for tonight, folks, but you can head to Debi’s for other cutie pie pics!

BPS: Sugar

I love Sundays.  It’s Baby Picture day!

Today’s pics go aaaaall the way back to October 2004, when our family of three became a family of four.  Our second child was born at home (and for the record, it was a water birth and totally awesome!)

One BIG advantage of the home birth is that our older son was there whenever we wanted him to be.  He was not in the room when our precious Calf #2 was born, but he came in shortly after Baby and Mama were stabilized.


Just minutes old, and already adored by his big brother.

I can’t look at these pictures and not smile or get a tear in my eye.  Maybe I’m a bit biased, but my boys are so sweet!  My little boys are growing so fast.  They do not look like this any more!  The bigger boy was 2 years, 2 months old when he became a big brother.

These last two pics are the next day, after we’d had a chance to nap a bit (because it’s hard to sleep on the day of your child’s birth with all those endorphins running through your system!)


I forget why he wanted to pat the baby’s head, but he was patting his own head too.  He took great care of his brother at this age!

I wish I could say that the brotherly love and affection continued. . . let’s just say that now that they are closer to the same height, weight, and pestering ability, the little brother can fight back a little better.  😉


You can see part of a toy in this picture, it’s a butterfly in a ring.  The Bull had taken Calf #1 to the store that day to buy a toy for the new baby.

Oh, that was quite a sweet trip down memory lane!  I love doing the Baby Picture Sundays.  But I’m also really enjoying the idea of a break, Debi!  We’ll link up with you again in a couple weeks, and I hope your packing/moving goes swimmingly!

BPS: Temper Squared

Today’s topic is something with which I am quite familiar.

Oh, yes, indeedery-bob.

See, I have a bit of a temper myself, and I think my kids got those genes.  😦

Anywho. . . the littlest one in the bathtub, about four weeks old.  She really didn’t want a bath that day.


(Hey lookie, it’s that purple lady again.  She sure is showing up a lot lately, you’d think this blog was a reflection of her or something.)

Reminds me of a bad joke.  “You might be a redneck if you keep ear muffs, for protecting your hearing while shooting, in your bathroom.

(Sometime, ask me about the duct tape. 😀 )

So, before I get even more embarrassed share even more of my greatest mothering tips and tricks, why don’cha’ll go on over to Debi’s for other pictures of babies with tempers.  Yee-haw!

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