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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I’ve seen this meme around and wanted to participate. I’ve even started projects in the hopes of participating!   Sadly, I have a little problem.  It’s called “failure to finish a project” and it wrecks my best plans.  It’s frustrating how many projects I have lying around, started but not finished!

But I’ve got more plans, oh yes!  I hope to get a few more projects finished in the next month or three.  I’m hoping that this “Tackle it Tuesday” will give me a little bit of a boost (maybe accountability would help?) and turn the tide on my bad “failure to finish” habit.

So for this time, my very first Tackle project, I am showing the before and after of our CHRISTmas decorating.

Our living room is fairly small, and it is a rather awkward space.  So we decided that we would *gasp* skip the tree this year.  (Honestly, I’m not really in a happy holiday mood for some reason and I would have been fine with ignoring it altogether.  But the kids would have been disappointed, so we decorated.)

It’s a compromise for sure, but I am OK with this set up.  Rather than putting a lot of stress and effort into “how are we gonna try to squeeze the tree in THIS year?” we put effort into making do with what we can.

Let’s get started, shall we?

This is the “Before.”  Note the junk piled on top of the piano.  You can also see part of the bookshelf to the right.  I am a  “piler,” so flat surfaces are dangerous to me.

Here it is after the top shelf was de-unicorned.  (I collect unicorns and it’s nice to display them somehow rather than letting them live in boxes forever.)

In order to clean off the top of the piano, I had to sort and clean out a whole years’ worth of the children’s art projects.  We have a nice long hallway that makes a nice art gallery.  It took some time, but now the artwork in the gallery has been refreshed and the old pieces put away.  (Due to narrowness of the hallway, I couldn’t get a good picture of it.)

I also put away a bunch of trinkety things that were hidden on top of the piano.  That was my previous attempt at keeping from piling things on the piano!  It worked okay for a while but over time one thing and then another got set on top of the piano.

Then I applied a nice coat of the orange scented wood oil.  Looks and smells lovely!

Calf #3 took advantage of the fact that the piano bench was cleared off, and the stuff in front was moved, to tickle the ivories for a few moments.

One very nice and amazingly easy part of this tackle: the green cloth on top of the piano.  (Years ago I’d bought this old shower curtain from a thrift store.  It was a green lacy-type of cloth that was backed with a vinyl sheet which had become quite ratty.  I had cut off and threw away the vinyl and used some of the green lace for a curtain.)  Well, this year as I was quickly looking through my fabric box to find something suitable for topping the piano, I came across this and decided to give it a shot.  I’m really pleased with how well it works!

Then the real work began!  I had already gotten the boxes of decorations out of the crawl space (two weeks ago, in fact!) so the time had come to look through and decide what to do with it all.

Here are my helpers.  They were so excited when I announced that we’d be decorating after circle time (part of our school day.)  Calf #2 (in the middle, wearing a red and green shirt and overalls) was so excited he jumped up and down and clapped his hands for joy.  I love how the kids are so excited over simple things!

When The Bull got home, he helped out with decorating by finding an extension cord, and by distracting the children so I could get the lights hung up.  🙂

Here it is, semi-finished, with our lovely Christmas moose lights, unicorns, and the singing/dancing reindeer.  (Yes, more unicorns!)  Calf #3 was a bit sad when I put the reindeer up high as she likes to play with it.  But really, there’s only so much “ho ho ho” a mama can tolerate!

Since we aren’t putting up a tree, I decided we’d put out some of the ornaments.  Few lent themselves well to being set on the shelf, though.

Here is one of the moose lights up close.  Ain’t he adorable?

That was what we accomplished Friday.  A lot and a LOT of work for the three kids and me!

I thought we were finished and was very pleased with our decorating.  Chalk one up on the “finished project” side, and it only took one day!  Now we can move on with life, right?  Right.

But wait–there’s more to this Tackle!

On Sunday, The Bull was helping the boys clean up the kitchen and I decided to help them a little bit.  We have had a box of books sitting in the kitchen for at least a month. What’s so hard about putting them away, I thought??  Why can’t I just stick them on the shelf and be done with it, I wondered??

90 minutes later I knew better.  The reason that box of books had stayed in the kitchen for so long was that there was not room on the shelf for them.  So I ended up completely re-organizing the shelves, dusting the shelves and the books, moving and rearranging and  and sorting and getting rid of a few unneeded items (such as the 2008 fishing regulations) and this is what it looks like now! I’m so proud of myself.  It is harder to find books now, as most of the titles are hidden.  But I got them all put away and in a fairly logical order too.

I’d also like to share some of the nicer pieces in our decorating.

This nativity set I purchased long ago, before having children, even before The Bull became a fixture in my life.  Hoping to someday have children, I bought this one from a catalog and was quite surprised and a little disappointed to read on the box “Not a toy, for decorative purposes only.”

Sad, isn’t it?  But we have since been given a nice Veggie Tales set of nativity characters that IS a toy, and the kids love it.  I think it’s easier for them to leave the fancy nativity sets alone when they have one of their own to use.

And finally, this is our Alaskan themed Nativity set.  You know, if Jesus had been born in Alaska to Alaska Native parents.  I imagine he might have been born in an igloo (a temporary shelter from the cold and snow.)   And surely He would have had a polar bear watching over Him, with a moose and a Dall sheep standing by if needed.  Instead of shepherds, He would have been visited by fishermen.  I just know that He would have been amazed at the gifts brought by the Native Wise Men.  I haven’t a clue what they’d be bringing in their ornate boxes, though, certainly not fragrances from the other side of the world, although there is gold in Alaska.  Nor do I know what kind of wood from which the boxes would have been made, considering that there are very few trees in the cold northerly parts of Alaska.

Sorry.  My imagination ran away with me there.  🙂

You can find more ideas and share your own tacklings at the 5 minutes for moms blog.


7 Responses to “TTu: Decorating”

  1. Veggiemomof2 Says:

    That looks great! Nice 1st tackle.

  2. nani Says:

    Good work, my purple friend from far away! 🙂

  3. Ang Says:

    The moose lights are terribly cute! As is the Alaskan nativity scene…
    This was my first Tackle as well…

  4. heidi Says:

    I LOVE the igloo nativity! LOL Good job on your tackle!

    Hey – I’m trying to email you and I can NOT find your most recent email to me??? I’m afraid I deleted it inadvertantly. Can you drop me a line when you get a spare minute?

  5. Kristine Says:

    That looks great! I didn’t get pictures of my project tonight, but am ready to tackle some major stuff!! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  6. sheila Says:

    OMGOSH I love love love that little igloo nativity scene! I’ve never seen anything like that, it’s awesome!

  7. MM: Christmas Week « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] decorating is finished! 102~A beautiful basket chock full of lovely, tasty gifts hand delivered by people who love us […]

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