How Laundry Works For Me-Five Years Later

In doing some bloggy clean-up, I found some posts that I forgot (!) to post. Like this one.

But it’s all different now. We’re still in the same house, but now we have one of them newfangled low water washers and a gas dryer. And we now have two more people in the house (7 now), and now we use cloth diapers.

Yee haw.

But you know what? Laundry still isn’t a head ache for me. (Trust me, I do NOT have it all together on the household management scene; I have plenty of other head aches in this arena!) But I’m happy to share with interested folks how we do it.

What I do–and why:

  • Kids clothes (the four older ones together: No longer soaking; just a cold water wash using baking soda, vinegar, and washing soda and a double rinse)
  • Baby’s clothes (a soak in cold water with peroxide to remove stains, then a cold wash with washing soda and a double rinse)
  • My clothes (wash in cold water with washing soda and borax, then soak in liquid fabric softener)
  • Hubby’s clothes (wash in cold water with washing soda, borax, and regular detergent)
  • Whites (including kitchen towels, socks, unders; hot water with lots of bleach, and an overnight soak)
  • Towels (an overnight soak in hot water with lots of vinegar to remove smells; then a hot wash with detergent; then soak in liquid fabric softener)
  • Diapers (a full cold water wash, plain, to rinse out the icky stuff;then an overnight soak in hot water with Rockin Green; then another hot water wash with grapeseed extract; and one more hot water wash cycle; then hang to dry–outside in the summer time if I can, otherwise in the hot laundry room)

So, a few changes. I still don’t separate colors from dark clothes or wash jeans separately, though.

How I do it:

This is the part that has changed the most. I no longer do laundry daily. I’ve found that doing 3 loads of kids’ clothes works better for us right now. The older 4 kids fold their own clothes, kitchen things, and bathroom towels, and it’s easier on them to have laundry to fold only 3 days in a week. The 4 year old often has the job of removing clothes from the dryer. I generally put it into the dryer and pile clean stuff on the couch. (It’s usually only there one evening; we do the chores in the morning.)

The kids’ dressers used to have tags on the drawers to show what clothes go in each, but this has fallen by the way side. They do what they want with their clothes, really, and I’m fine with that. The 7-year-old girl has more concern for her clothes than does my 12-year-old boy. Of course, she also has more dresses than he does. 😉

Honestly, our laundry routine has changed several times over the past few years. But that’s ok, it fluctuates with our family and so long as it gets done, I’m ok with being flexible.


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