MM: March 28, 2011

Last week was quite busy.  While I noticed many lovely moments during the week, there were not as many that I could remember when I actually sat down to record them.  Hopefully this week I can write these down throughout the week?

~ Finishing and filing the tax return
~ A fun school project: a Film Lit project of comparing and contrasting two similar movies.  Similar to one done decades ago with my first husband, this time we used Fantasia (the movie that was our first date) and Fantasia 2000
~ A just-for-fun segment that had us all in stitches:

~ Another segment that touched me in amazing ways:

(Note, at 6:53, the Sprite’s tears. . . . and what happens to them at 7:00. . . . it occurs to me that our tears, our pain, can create growth in our lives maybe?)
~ Taking Calf #5 in to her appointment with the chiropractor
~ A lovely Sunday afternoon drive with the family
~ Lying down to nurse the babe at bedtime while reading my 1000 Gifts book. . . finishing chapter 8 in one sitting (lying?) . . . realizing that this chapter is especially significant for me  (tune in later this week when I post my ramblings with the book club!) (Yes, I realize that the official book club is over. . . I’m behind!)

You can find the gratitude community here


One Response to “MM: March 28, 2011”

  1. Cora Says:

    Loved your list today! Can’t remember what chapter 8 was and I can’t check, as I gave my book away!!!!! I need to get another one as I want to read it (for the 4th time). These lists are just so wonderful, and it has been lifechanging for me to SEE all that God sends my way each day. A Sunday afternoon drive — that was my favorite from your list. Haven’t done that in a looooong time!!!!

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