MM: March 14, 2011

Today I especially need to count graces.  Today is the 18th anniversary of my first husband’s death, and the first anniversary of the due date that wasn’t.  Last week provided many:

~ Pre-dawn snuggling with Calf #5. . . when I would rather have been sleeping
~ A delicious recipe for yogurt that actually worked!
~ Shortbread made by Calf #1
~ A trip to the grocery store with Calf #2, and helping him learn to buckle his own seatbelt
~ Calf #3 enjoying her “stoup,” as she calls “soup”
~ Cheese on Calf #5’s ear 🙂
~ Finishing a great week of schoolwork
~ A conversation between big brother and little sister:
Him: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Her: A butterfly!
Him, laughing: You can’t be a butterfly when you grow up!
Her: A human!
Him: No, what job do you want to do?
Her: Wash dishes!
~ New books from the library
~ A good talk with my little sister and my sister-in-law

I’m looking forward to counting more today and this week.

You can find the gratitude community here.


One Response to “MM: March 14, 2011”

  1. Cora Says:

    Loved your list, especially the conversation between brother and sister! Love the way you see your family. . . . bull, calves, etc! So sweet and makes me smile at the end of a weary day!

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