1000G: Chapter 4

I find it highly ironic that I read this chapter during such a busy week. Slow down? Seriously?! How can I do that? Life is so busy, so fast paced. There are too many things that need to be done!

Just this morning, as an example, as I sat here to watch the video and compose my thoughts on chapter 4, I am doing several things all at once–eating breakfast, preparing the day’s and week’s school lessons, trying to find the NASA TV telecast of Discovery’s landing.  My coffee is cooling on the counter; I need to get it and drink it before it is cold and I need to get my vitamins before I forget them (again!)  The kids are sleeping in late this morning–that’s good–I may be able to finish these projects finished!

Slow down? I won’t be able to finish everything that needs to be done!

But I want to capture all these little moments in life, the blessings that come my way daily.  (Maybe hourly? or more frequently? Am I perhaps missing out on things in my haste?)

When the baby wakes too early, will I get frustrated?  You can’t wake up yet, I have things to do! Or will I take this as another opportunity to acknowledge another gift? Thank You, LORD, for a few minutes to smile at my dear daughter!

This morning I chose the latter. I hope I can continue this today.  Often, my days are very much like pages 73-74, with many things happening at once:  frustrations, out of place coats, boots strewn across the room, hurt fingers and feelings. To slow down enough to breathe, to thank, would surely help me to handle events that are often out of my control.  As Ann said,  “In giving thanks right now I get more time because I can see  each moment as it is; the attentiveness slows time down.”

Forget the Alamo.  Remember the loaves and the fishes!

This was my plan for the year, as I recall; to slow down and watch the children grow.  I have noticed a calmness when I do just this–entering into the moment to enjoy it.

This is a great reminder today.


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