MM: February 28, 2011

I cannot believe that I’ve not posted these little snippets in so long–the last was in August!  I’ve continued to record the blessings in my journal.  I’ve counted more than 2000 (!!!!!!!) and almost filled up my first journal, and I think I need to find a new pen.

It just got to be too hard to get them all typed up, so I gave up sharing with you.  Sorry.

So I think I’ll just list a few of the wonderful bits of the last week:

~A mid-winter school order beginning to arrive–giving us fresh materials and fresh motivation on our school year
~ A boy who is excited to make a scarf with the knitting loom, and picks it up often to work on it a little more
~ The Bull getting home a bit early after going in to work a bit early
~ A free movie rental and time to watch it with The Bull
~ A free time of science activities that all three of the older calves enjoyed
~ Baby Calf has found her hands! and she’s started drooling
~ Taking the kids out for ice cream to let The Bull sleep a little longer after a rough night of work
~ “Stuffed animals” on display . . . not the cute little fuzzy ones, but the big ones–lions and tigers and bears–oh my!
~ A cherry strudel snack, lightly heated with melted chocolate chips on top. . . mmmmmmm!  (And not burning the place down with the first attempt that went awry–oops!)
~ Napping with the baby

You can find the gratitude community here.


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