Pregnancy Update

Yup, still here.  Still pregnant.  Given my propensity to birthing after my due date, I may have another month-ish to go.

I am very happy to say that the nausea has finally disappeared!!  Sometime between the end of September and beginning of October things got a lot easier in dealing with food.  Thank you LORD!

The other discomforts are still here, though.  Like the SPD pain.  Seeing my chiropractor weekly (cha-ching!) helps keep it to a dull roar.  The gagging (especially while taking vitamins) continues; I’m taking a break from my prenatal vitamin for a few days (it’s one I take 6 a day of!) to see if that will calm down this gag reflex.  A few days ago it started me some really fun braxton hicks contractions.  Good times.

But the braxton hicks hasn’t been as bad this pregnancy as it was with my third little one.  That time they were strong for months.  This time I barely feel them.  I like this better.  🙂

Another “fun” part of the end of pregnancy for me is having my hands and fingers falling asleep.  I hear it is similar to a carpal tunnel type of injury.  I think it’s related to normal pregnancy swelling/ water retention, or my neck being out of whack, or something like that.   I use a hot rice pack on my shoulders (to improve blood circulation) and a cold pack on my right wrist, where the swelling is worse (to reduce the swelling) at night and it seems to help a little.  Typing is not fun.  It should go away after baby is born (although after my third calf was born it stuck around for a few months.)

I’ve had three visits with a cranio sacral therapist (cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching!) and I guess it’s helped a lot.  At least, going in for the third visit I felt better than I did going in the first time.  Something about human touch, and an understanding person to talk with maybe.

I have found an interesting thing happening.  I wasn’t planning for this, although it is a good thing. . . I was trying to be cautious and wait a bit. . . having been afraid all this pregnancy of losing this baby, I am surprised already to find myself falling in love with him or her!!  I knew it would happen.  I just didn’t expect it so soon.  It coincides with another interesting thing:  So much of the fear that has plagued me this pregnancy just. . . disappeared??  Maybe I just had to get closer to the end of the pregnancy, to see that things were probably going to be okay?  Getting past the day I miscarried?  I don’t know how or why but I am relieved.

And I am nesting.  I think it’s hitting a little earlier this time? I don’t know.  All I can say is I’m thrilled to be able to tackle the piles that have been accumulating all summer long. . . when I was exhausted and nauseous and couldn’t focus or think straight.  So far I’ve done two loads of baby laundry (receiving blankets, bibs, snowsuits) and I have a few more to go.  Maybe getting past the nausea helped with this, too.

As for the children, right now they are sledding down our lovely little hill in the two inches of snow we’ve gotten in the past week.  (If past years are any indication, this will be added to over the winter until it finally melts in April.)  Yesterday they built a snow man.

Baby-wise, they are also starting to get excited.  They are coloring pictures for the new baby and making projects, even (the middle kid) a puppet stage!  The oldest calf has this habit of coming up to me to say, “The baby needs a hug!” and then he hugs and kisses my belly.  I’m really liking this!  The little girl asked if the baby will sleep in her crib with her.  (Yes, she’s still in a crib.  Sometimes.)  I have this idea that when the baby and I are napping we’ll have a companion.  🙂

And even still. . . when my younger son introduces our family, he says “We have six in our family but one isn’t here because he died before he was born but my mom is pregnant with one.”  It is a mouthful for the kid.  I feel bad for the people he’s told (a doctor and a guy who came to fix stuff in the house) but they have handled it fairly well.    And it is good for me to know that this is still on his mind.  It’s on my mind, too.

And along those lines, I have run into these two good articles that I thought I’d share.  (Thanks to Crystal, another mama who misses her children, for sharing these on her blog!)

This one is written by a woman who lost a baby and gives some very good advice to those who want to support someone in grief.  (And if you’re curious, it was months 2 through 11 that were hardest for me.)  (And as for these, we call them “Bible verse band-aids.”)

This one I wish I’d read a few months ago, as the anniversary of miscarrying with my son was horrible and I think it would have helped to read that yes, it is normal to want to do “something” and to find some practical things to do to remember him.

(More good advice to be found here.)

Well, that’s about all the wrists can tolerate right now.  I’d like to say that I will post when labor starts, but I have a history of fast labors so I may not.  (With my 3rd labor, she was born exactly one hour and fifteen minutes after my water broke.)  It’s entirely possible that my next post will be an introduction of some sort.  🙂  At yesterday’s check, baby was posterior.  I’ve done that before and it was not much fun.  Would you pray, please, that baby will turn to anterior and stay that way for birth?  Thanks.


3 Responses to “Pregnancy Update”

  1. Christabelle Says:

    I’m praying for you and your little one! I know what it feels like to be waiting for a baby to turn. I’m so happy to hear your updates! I’ve been thinking about you lately, excited for your little one and praying you find some relief. Not too much longer and I know you are going to have a story to tell. I can’t wait to hear it!

  2. Crystal Theresa Says:

    aw sorry that this pregnancy is rough on your body, but i know you’ll go through anything to bring this little one home safe! i’m glad you are feeling less fear and more joy and that your kids are getting excited, too!

    i am praying that baby flips and stays put with his or her head nice and low and ready to go 🙂

  3. Holly Says:

    Sorry you are plagued with so much in this pregnancy but I’m glad the nausea is better!

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