MM: August 16, 2010

holy experience

1537~Completing many important errands with three little ones in tow, mostly calmly and without losing my temper
1538~A few  minutes at bedtime to read to the children a chapter in Narnia
1539~Fresh, locally grown lettuce
1540~Macaroni & cheese
1541~Her cute, round cheeks
1542~The rain stopped and the sun played peekaboo
1543~Calf #1 excited about his new reading book and starting into it right away
1544~Calf#2 working so diligently to cut out the sea animals for his project
1545~The Bull affirming my spur of the moment decision
1546~Steak, baked potato, salad
1547~Disney’s Robin Hood, a favorite of mine becoming a favorite of my children
1548~An afternoon with a friend
1549~Taking a second hen to a new home
1550~The Bull getting home before us
1551~The boys going out to try the boat
1552~Safely home on a busy weekend
1553~Garlic cheese bread
1554~Calf #2 talking to unborn Calf #5:  “I’ll  share my frog bracelet with you, but don’t break it!”
1555~Going out to eat means I don’t have to cook or clean up, especially lovely after a long, difficult, and busy day
1556~Getting to talk a few minutes with The Bull while the children are in class
1557~An invitation and a ride to a VBS
1558~A nap when I was exhausted
1559~Lavender oil + olive oil soothing my sunburned face
1560~To the chiropractor and grocery store by myself; a calm and relaxing morning after a hectic weekend
1561~The Bull took care of the children’s lunch and complaints
1562~All the kids to VBS=2.5 hours to myself at home!
1563~The clouds broke away after a downpour on a hike
1564~Sitting and feeling sorry for myself; I was in a perfect position to see a boy moose on his way to a watering hole
1565~Children enjoying themselves at vbs
1566~Strawberries and cream oatmeal, with extra cream
1567~Remembering to buy diapers at Wal*Mart
1568~Forgetting to buy donuts at Wal*Mart
1569~Chocolate moose tracks ice cream
1570~Being able to help a friend in need
1571~Dinner out, delicious!
1572~Last night of vbs
1573~Sharing The Princess Bride with a friend who’d not seen it before
1574~Chiropractor visit and a possibly helpful supplement
1575~A drive in the clouds
1576~Taking flowers to a friend in the hospital
1577~Boys having a grand day out
1578~Loaded up and ready to go
1579~Baking cookies to share with friends in need
1580~A boat ride for The Bull and the children
1581~Hugging a hurting friend
1582~Finding salami hidden among the bologna
1583~A visit with a dear, hurting friend–without children in tow
1584~Hope of getting the house fixed up
1585~Rich Mullins songs:

1586~Getting Calf #2 in to the doctor after he’d shut his finger in the door
1587~And finding out his finger was fine, not broken
1588~The Bull meeting us there
1589~Getting a birthday cake decorated for Calf #1, without him knowing about  it
1590~Friends over to celebrate his 8th birthday
1591~Time to talk with The Bull when I am feeling  lonely and physically and emotionally not well
1592~Another adjustment with the chiropractor
1593~A morning at the park, mostly dry, and meeting other moms
1594~The look on his face when they brought out a birthday ice cream sundae for Calf #1
1595~A special time with friends
1596~Sharing sorrows with a friend
1597~Children getting to play with their friends, first time in a while
1598~Children sitting well at a wedding
1599~Commiserating with a friend who is also negatively affected by our cold, wet, dry, dark summer
1600~Mama and Baby moose come over to eat dinner and maybe spend the night in the yard; I can hear them drinking out of the kids’ wading pool
1601~30 minutes to see the sun, sit on the deck, pet the cat, and get bitten by the cat
1602~Hearing cranes on the lake
1603~Visiting a friend’s church
1604~A boy’s imagination/ creativity with an experiment in flying which involved two seagull feathers and a 2.5 foot height jump. . . and resulted in sunglasses stuck into his forehead and lots of blood
1605~Passers-by who helped with the injured boy after his, ah, flying lesson
1606~Butterfly closures
1607~A few minutes of sun

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


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