Which is actually Friday, July 16. . . I guess if you are on the East Coast it already is “tomorrow”.  . .   😉

Anywho, I’m going in for an ultrasound tomorrow.  Never done that before.  So this is my fifth pregnancy and my first ultrasound.

I haven’t wanted one before, have not needed one.  This one is for my “peace of mind.”  Most of the time pregnancies are normal and uncomplicated.  (Deliveries too, but that’s another story.)  I think you could say that life is like that, usually normal and uncomplicated.

Problem is I’ve been in that 5 to 10% of life so much these past few years that I am wondering what will happen next.  Since I’m pregnant. . . . yeah, you do the math.

It’s like that expression, “It’s all good.”  Yup it sure is.  Except for the bad stuff.  😉

Anyway just wanted to ask for prayer that it goes well.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post nice pics of the baby and we’ll move on from this milestone into the second half of pregnancy.  🙂


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