MM: July 12, 2010

holy experience

I sat down last Monday to type up my list and the next thing I knew it was Thursday and we were headed out of town again.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last counting of gifts here.  I’ve counted them anyway in my journal, just haven’t had the time to share here.  I can’t count the miles we’ve traveled since then, the tears we’ve cried, the new terms and procedures we’ve learned.

And none of this is about the baby, you know??  Life twists and turns and drags us along.  😦

I am determined to get this one posted tonight, no matter how late. . . .

1409~The Bull was home to take the call from the state trooper
1410~Seeing purple flowers in the rocks
1411~Lots of hugs and kisses from my second born mooselet
1412~The situation was not as bad as I’d feared
1413~A few extra days to relax
1414~A tiny pink wild rose brought to me by Calf #2
1415~Supportive, loving, praying friends when life becomes too much
1416~The Bull dealing with further phone calls to and from the troopers
1417~The Bull and his boys tackling the lawn, weeding, etc.
1418~Four taken away
1419~Snacks for camp
1420~The boys enjoyed themselves at VBS; my second son called it PBS :D–and finding him afterwards
1421~Good & Plenty candy
1422~Good ideas from a good friend
1423~Camp for the boys!
1424~A beautiful sunny day
1425~The little girl got a backpack too
1426~The shy calf eventually warmed up enough to join in the fun
1427~An appointment with my midwife–all is OK–she understands my fears, will make me an appointment for an ultrasound . . .  and she gave me a home work assignment
1428~Having my honey home
1429~ Camp starting an hour later
1430~A mini nap when I’m really tired
1431~The Bull joining us at camp
1432~A date for me and The Bull; the boys to VBS, the girl to play with friends
1433~Breakfast at home for the first time in several days
1434~A discussion about not yoking together an ox and a donkey
1435~A real nap, first time in a week
1436~Dinner at a friend’s
1437~Clean smelling children
1438~Time to write on my novel
1439~A little girl’s dirty clothes left on the floor
1440~A snoring little boy
1441~The cat meowing outside my window at bedtime
1442~My biggest boy’s persistence about finishing his picture from camp
1443~A prayer request from a friend, and a song that’s been on my mind for a long time from Joshua 1:9
1444~The Bull’s sister had her second chemo treatment. . . so far, so good!
1445~Wonderful used curriculum materials
1446~Meeting a friend at a new park
1447~Time with friends and being able to help a little bit
1448~Being able to work on the novel all day long, while the children mostly played well
1449~Not being overly stressed and anxious when I realized that I was not going to make the deadline
1450~The Bull making an important meeting in time
1451~Finishing my novel
1452~Creating a beautiful cover for my novel; surprise: it’s purple!
1453~Dinner and a chance to talk with The Bull’s aunt, although I’m not sure she understood me?
1454~My novel is ready to go!
1455~Errands by myself
1456~The Bull home for dinner, and the lawn is mowed!
1457~The boys are promoting to their new school grades (homeschooling year round means we do this in July)
1458~A talk with a friend, and a discussion of trials as refinement and not punishment
1459~Reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to my children
1460~Playing Moonlight Sonata, at 10 pm in Alaska in July . . . . .   🙂
1461~Having the strength and energy to take the kids to the parade
1462~C A N D Y ! ! !
1463~Catching up with friends
1464~Burgers on the grill; Calf #2 said they were “the best hamburger I’ve had in my whole life!”
1465~I’m still pregnant. . . nearly 20 weeks!
1466~Chocolate cherry almond Luna bar
1467~The Bull stayed home with the children; I got to the chiropractor
1468~Being able to get the children to the library’s summer reading program
1469~The Bull made dinner
1470~Getting most of the oil out of the washer
1471~Story time at the library; probably Calf #3’s last time there as she’s nearly too old 😦
1472~Lunch with a friend who is due next month
1473~Picking up materials at the school office; running into friends there
1474~Making dinner for a friend–curried chicken–and a second time of looking for lost boots after bedtime!
1475~Having a bizarre dream, and waking to realize that it was just a dream
1476~Kids helping with a big project
1477~Back home again with my honey  ♥
1478~The Bull brought dinner home; I was exhausted from the day
1479~A few chores completed
1480~A sunny afternoon with friends
1481~A short hiking excursion with The Bull and the children
1482~He made dinner
1483~The fan helps a bit overnight
1484~A nature study with the children
1485~Meeting up with The Bull at the library
1486~Running into the store by myself
1487~I felt yucky and went to lie down; he made dinner again
1488~Sleeping in till 7:30 and skipping church
1489~Lunch and dinner in the crock pot
1490~Kids helped to wash the dishes
1491~Cake and ice cream to celebrate a little girls’ third birthday
1492~The birthday girl picked the movie

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


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