MM: June 21, 2010

holy experience

1374~Good friends coming to visit; kids playing in the dirt and water, pizza, breadsticks, salad
1375~Getting “help” with the attack rooster by taking him home for dinner
1376~Ann Voskamp’s Monday post. . . counting the fish. . . 153
1377~Another post that I read last week that brought tears to my eyes. . . especially poignant as I remembered last week and holding my boy with a painful burned hand. . . and this new pregnancy after last year’s miscarriage. . .
1378~Refreshing rain, good for the garden and flowers
1379~Sharing with Calf #1 the Bible that his namesake gave me
1380~An afternoon and evening that flew while visiting with friends
1381~Children finishing chores quickly so we can go
1382~A good night’s sleep! first time in a long time. . . and a great idea of how to make it a little better still
1383~A mama and a baby moose walking through the driveway
1384~Registering the boys for camp
1385~A moose eating the dandelions in the front yard
1386~Getting to see a friend twice in the same day
1387~More friends and a good conversation with another, understanding and kind people
1388~Passing an important milestone
1389~Fun food from the store
1390~A day to talk and eat with and help a friend
1391~Finding the lost boots
1392~Cuppycakes with chocolate icing
1393~Waking early, as I prayed that I would, to be able to blog
1394~A sweet time to talk with another friend while the children play together
1395~An afternoon/evening downpour; a hard rain for this area; yet just a few miles away the road is dry!
1396~Tea, dessert, and conversation with friends
1397~A call from The Bull
1398~The sound of rain dripping from the roof, serenading me to sleep
1399~A note to my son
1400~Stuff ready to go
1401~A talk with a neighbor, have needed to talk with her for a long time
1402~A morning of worship, Bible study, and fellowship with friends
1403~Getting to the bathroom before I explode!
1404~Watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 with the children in preparation for Father’s Day
1405~The children falling asleep in my bed so they can see Daddy when he comes home from his trip
1406~Making a simple breakfast in bed for Daddy with the children
1407~A theater trip to Toy Story 3 with the family!
1408~Father’s day dinner out. . . means I don’t have to cook or clean up

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?

A sweet time to talk with another friend while the children play together

One Response to “MM: June 21, 2010”

  1. Maria Says:

    stopping by from Ann’s!
    Thanks for mentioning her post from Monday… counting fish…
    I read it … loved it … and have shared it!
    Thanks so much! ~Maria
    ps. you have a sweet family ♥

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