MM: June 14, 2010

holy experience

1350~Sleeping in after a night of interrupted, restless sleep
1351~Calf#1 doing okay in his new class
1352~Getting the living room cleaned up a bit before watching a DVD
1353~School again after a break!! (we home school year round)
1354~The Bull taking the littlest calf for a fun time together
1355~And then he took the middle one for his special time. . . and when they came back, the calf raved about how much fun they had and how he wants me to take him for a special trip!
1356~Going out for a movie together as a family. . . first time in a year or so
1357~A good  nap
1358~The  Bull making a special anniversary dinner
1359~A friend bringing over gel pads for Calf #2’s burned hand
1360~The Bull able to go to the store twice for gauze and wrap for the calf’s burn
1361~After  a traumatic evening, Calf #2 slept all night and woke with no pain!
1362~The Bull was able to be home for dinner
1363~Another half gallon jar of pickles!  The first lasted only a few days!!  (These calves love pickles!)
1364~Meeting a friend at the park
1365~The Bull home to help when I felt tired and yucky in the morning
1366~Cookies and bread and cinnamon rolls, oh my!!
1367~A great job of painting in the hallway, it looks so much brighter now
1368~Breakfast at McDonald’s
1369~Picking up some yummy food at the grocery store
1370~The look on her face when she brings me a bouquet of dandelions, following her big brothers’ example
1371~Sitting on the lounge chair in the sun and snuggling with the three calves, all wrapped up in beach towels after playing in the pool
1372~The Bull made it safely!
1373~Towels soaking in the washer

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


2 Responses to “MM: June 14, 2010”

  1. debi9kids Says:

    Good for you getting in some good sleep. You need it!

    HOLY cow! That’s a LOT of pickles. LOL

  2. Mo Says:

    I love reading these lists. They give a good glimpse into what life has been like and the blessings that have been given to your family! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Miss you guys (and gals!)

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