MM: June 7, 2010

holy experience

1301~Kneading the dough for the bread sticks while sitting out on the deck in the sun
1302~Robins running around the lawn
1303~A lovely sunset–reds, pinks, and purples–about 11 pm
1304~Watering the lawn on a warm sunny day
1305~A morning with a good friend and lunch; relaxing and recovering from a bad morning
1306~An early dinner
1307~Boys doing their chores without being asked
1308~The Bull finding a little relief from his allergies
1309~Birds singing and flying by
1310~The Bull’s birthday!!  I can’t imagine being on this wild ride of life without him
1311~Time with a good friend, helpful to her and to me
1312~Pizza, breadsticks, ranch dip
1313~Strawberries and whipped cream!
1314~Prayers from friends
1315~Waking up without a headache
1316~Good friends coming to visit
1317~70 degrees plus!!
1318~Kids in the wading pool
1319~Chocolate cuppycakes with fudge frosting and sprinkles
1320~A familiar, comforting sound I’ve not heard in a long time!
1321~A good visit at the dentist–no cavities and a kind, gentle hygienist
1322~A friend’s son miraculously healed of his burn, from 30-40% of his body badly burned to less than 10% with only one second degree spot!
1323~The Bull was able to jump start the van so we could get on our way, albeit a little late; but we still made it in time!
1324~He also took care of the trash so I didn’t have to smell it!  ick!
1325~The littlest calf seemed to feel a little better after throwing up
1326~An exciting Indy 500 race, The Bull’s birthday treat
1327~Playing outside with neighbor children
1328~Squishing the first mosquito of the year
1329~The Bull tuning up the bikes
1330~Slip and slide with friends
1331~A BBQ with neighbors
1332~The Bull home from work early and riding bikes with the children
1333~Shortbread cookies
1334~Buffalo chicken dip
1335~Getting the checks written to pay the bills
1336~A handwriting book that clears up a lot of “mud” for me and gives me direction as to where to go next; did I mention that it was free?  🙂
1337~The Bull able to take checks to pay the bills
1338~Hair dye
1339~After an auspicious start, a great family outing
1340~Celebrating The Bull’s birthday (late) and our anniversary (early) with dinner out
1341~Taking a new route home and seeing neat houses and playgrounds
1342~Completing The Bull’s birthday projects–Star Wars models with the boys, clay with the girl
1343~Finishing half of the Bible study lesson
1344~Garlic mashed potatoes
1345~To bed early and to sleep quickly, compared to the past week anyway!
1346~Finishing the last half of the Bible study
1347~Time to run errands by myself
1348~Thinking to call the library before I left–which saved me a trip
1349~Realizing the bank had made an error before I left–which saved me a trip

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


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