MM: May 24, 2010

holy experience

1273~Taking the playdough outside!  What a great idea to keep the mess out of the house!  (And why didn’t I think of that sooner?)
1274~Calf #1 learning that he likes to wash dishes!
1275~School again, after a break
1276~Friends over for popcorn and a new Veggie Tales movie
1277~The last box of a big project is finished!!
1278~A sunny and warm day
1279~Sidewalk chalk
1280~A fun trip with good friends
1281~Time to talk with a dear friend while our respective children play in a park in the sprinkling rain
1282~Mike & Ike’s candy
1283~The Bull taking the children out to play
1284~Baby Charlotte is here!!!
1285~Bagels and sweet strawberries
1286~Taking dinner in to eat with The Bull when he’s working late
1287~Good news from a friend:  a mutual friend who had a heart attack is doing fine and will be home tomorrow
1288~Packed up and ready to go early
1289~Great snacks picked out by the children
1290~The Bull getting the garden planted with potatoes!
1291~Being able to replace my broken jar of tincture
1292~A wonderful celebration with sweet friends and two of the children . . .
1293~while The Bull stayed home with the third, who was sick with a cough
1294~Fruits and cheeses
1295~Watercolor painting the Proverbs
1296~Sunny, warm, and not quite 60 degrees all day
1297~The Bull and the sickly calf joining us for lunch
1298~Staying home with sick children
1300~Getting to bed early when I had a bad headache

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


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