MM: May 17, 2010

holy experience
Yes I missed a week. . . it’s been particularly difficult (we ended up putting our dog down) and busy (seems like nine million things on the to do list!). . . I have been keeping up the counting but not recording it here.

1202~Friends coming to help
1203~A friend’s hubby is OK, after a scary morning
1204~Another friend joined us
1205~All done with the big project and on the way after only a few hours
1206~The Bull and his two small, but big, helpers
1207~Cranes calling at the lake at bedtime
1208~The house cleaned and tidy and looking good!
1209~In bed after a long and busy day
1210~Waking to bright sunshine and birds singing
1211~The little girl and me with the house to ourselves
1212~The boys home early from their excursion
1213~All together for The Bull’s days off
1214~A family vet seeing our old pup on short notice. . .
1215~and being willing to wait for me and the children to come in before putting our dear old friend down  😦
1216~Loving and comforting friends during a time that was a lot harder than I thought it would be
1217~Sleeping in a bit after a rough night
1218~Running errands by myself
1219~A good visit from a long time friend
1210~Being able to share some good news with friends
1221~Being serenaded by the cranes at bedtime
1222~Another sleepless night followed by sleeping in a bit
1223~Getting the last 100 (or was it 1000?) items finished and ready
1224~”Avoiding all crashes,” as the boys have been praying for weeks
1225~Getting stuff we needed
1226~Calf #3 excited about an adventure
1227~Making a big dent in the to do list
1228~Bedtime, finally; when you are very tired and sore it feels so good to be in bed
1229~A welcome note and cookies from new friends
1230~Waking in a sunny, warm room. . .
1231~next to my honey ♥
1232~Errands in the morning
1233~A demonstration that looks like it will work for us
1234~The “magic” number of 13 items finished after the children are in bed for the night
1235~A Mother’s Day trip, free for all
1236~A beautiful, warm, sunny day
1237~Pizza delivered for dinner
1238~A new top for only $1.60 after a gift card
1239~New flowers from The Home Depot and a place to plant them
1240~Friends visiting!
1241~The Bull took the kids for a walk. . .
1242~which allowed me time for yet more errands
1243~All of a sudden today, the leaves have come out–tiny spots of green on the trees
1244~Flowers from a friend
1245~A kind and patient tech support guy
1246~Pizza and games
1247~A great conversation with Calf #2 about remembering the good times and not getting bogged down with the sad things. . . important to remember whether it’s because you didn’t get to eat the last of your pizza or lost a baby . . . he is so perceptive and empathetic to realize that this is how I feel with losing Shelomith
1248~Dinner in the Crock Pot
1249~The Bull overslept but still got to work on time
1250~Buffalo chicken dip!
1251~A store trip
1252~Caspian, carrots, cheese, and crackers–it’s a simple dinner and movie for us tonight!
1253~A relatively quiet night
1254~Realizing blessings
1255~The Bull taking care of the little ones when I felt lousy
1256~He changed his mind and made a stop before work, then fixed the thing on his lunch break
1257~Calf #3: “Another paygound!” (it was a swingset in somebody’s yard)
1258~Calf #3, after passing a river, said she did not want to fish but she did want to swim:  “I go swimming with the fishies!”
1259~Calf #3, on seeing a horse, “Daddy! I saw moosie!”
1260~A visit with good friends
1261~Getting Grandpa’s head stone set in place
1262~The Bull making dinner
1263~Going on a drive
1264~Seeing Mr. and Mrs. Mallard in the ditch right beside the road
1265~Calf #3: “Mama!  I saw a goggie!  Right there!”  She is ever so excited!
1266~A fun trip to the library and coming home with a bag full of books
1267~Dinner with friends; the kids run and play and the parents talk and laugh
1268~Going to church together
1269~Reconnecting with long lost friends!
1270~The Bull fixing lunch before work
1271~Naps for cranky children and their mama
1272~The boys playing with friends for a while

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


One Response to “MM: May 17, 2010”

  1. sheila Says:

    1241….need pics! lol. Oh my gosh!

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