It’s Tuesday . . .

And Tuesday (the day of the week) reminds me of Tuesday.

This is Tuesday:

Tuesday is the twin sister of Piper. The younger sister of Axel and Spencer. The daughter of Charlie and Jess.  A granddaughter and niece and cousin.

In July 2008 she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer.  They fought and fought and fought.  Hospitals and chemotherapy and CT scans and surgery and all sorts of stuff I can’t even pronounce or imagine.

She was brave, a fighter, a strong little girl.  But the lousy cancer was stronger and in January 2009, at home with her family, Tuesday died.

You can go here, to her family’s blog, to read more of her story.  There is also a short, sweet video there you can watch.

You can also go here, to the website her parents are starting.  They hope it will be up by Sunday, which will be Jess’ second Mother’s day without Tuesday.  This will be a place where families who are affected by pediatric cancer can find support.

But more than anything I’d like you to go here.  Some of Tuesday’s friends have rallied this week to raise money for families who are living with pediatric cancers (via and it would be wonderful if you would consider helping.  This week, dozens of blogs have rallied together to auction off neat and fun items and a donation of $1 (for most) gives you a chance at them.

I don’t really like the idea of children dying, but it is a sad reality of our world.  And we can do something to help families who live with this reality.

(* photo from here.)


One Response to “It’s Tuesday . . .”

  1. debi9kids Says:

    Thank you for this post.
    Every time i read about Tuesday, I can’t help but cry.
    She touches and changed so many lives….

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