MM: May 3, 2010

holy experience
1169~19 years!
1170~Sleeping in a bit after a late/early night
1171~Bookshelves in the bedroom swapped and dusted
1172~Candles, warm and nice smelling
1173~Calf #3 helping me to dust
1174~Boys helping with sorting books
1175~Children with a friend; errands for me
1176~Chocolate Moose Tracks!  My favorite ice cream and a rare treat

Mmmmmmm, yummy!

1177~Another friend taking the children for the day
1178~Visiting a friend at the hospital
1179~. . . who may be able to take care of our dog for a while
1180~Time with friends at church
1182~Basmati rice
1183~Warm-ish and dry weather and the kids can go out and play for hours
1184~Our elderly dog looks out for them: barking about three moose in the trees across the street
1185~All the toys are sorted and organized!
1186~An owl hooting nearby
1187~Finishing my 10-year project:  a corduroy and denim quilt made (in part) from old jeans

1188~The Bull home unexpectedly early YAY!
1189~A fun movie with friends
1190~A new-to-us futon
1191~May 1 and the snow is nearly completely gone!

1192~Breakfast together as a family
1193~Sorting out papers that have needed to be filed for years
1194~Getting outside to clean up the yard a little bit
1195~Planting the spider plant “babies”
1196~A young friend’s delicious gift of banana bread
1197~Her mom helping and hugs
1198~Calf #3, smelling candles: “Smells good!”  Up till now, she’s said “Nose good!” so now she is learning that we use its function rather than its name 🙂
1199~Another bright, sunshiney day where the kids can go outside and play
1200~Calf #2 counting to 140 with only a little help
1201~Tuesday’s Blog Party!

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


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