MM: April 26, 2010

holy experience
1127~Shelomith in Ezra chapter 8
1128~A long chat with The Bull
1129~Calf #1 taking care of the animals
1130~Catching up with a friend
1131~Sorting out too-small clothes for Calf #3
1132~Good news about my friend’s son–no chromosomal issues!
1133~Starting and catching up with another journal
1134~Taking pictures of sleeping children
1135~Two big paperwork projects completed
1136~Toys all put away in the children’s rooms
1137~Not throwing up after eating something that disagreed with me
1138~Feeling a little better in the sinuses
1139~Discovering more about trees and running into friends
1140~Lunch at McD’s
1141~Kids’ new water bottles
1142~Calf #2 spending an afternoon with cousins
1143~Dinner and time with friends at church
1144~The Bull meeting us at home
1145~His help in getting me out the door extra early for . . .
1146~Most of a day to myself with friends to refresh, rest, and get ideas
1147~The Bull brought the children to story time
1148~Him taking care of the kids including bedtime
1149~A movie together with McFlurries
1150~Calf #3 singing to me, “Jesus loves Mama so bad. . . ”
1151~Getting to a place
1152~Shopping by myself
1153~A morning of errands finished
1154~The Bull handling bathtime and bedtime
1155~Waking to bright skies, birds singing, and a boy snoring. . . spring is coming, even though there’s still snow in the yard
1156~A friend taking the kids for dinner so I can work on projects by myself
1157~Repairing a favorite purple quilt
1158~Finishing the top on the new quilt
1159~Children who are tired and fall asleep quickly
1160~Dinner from a friend
1161~Wearing out another pen on this gratitude journal
1162~Saw and heard a sand hill crane!
1163~Chicken feed brought by a friend
1164~Getting out of the house for a few hours with the kids
1165~Buying thread and needles to finish the new quilt
1166~Star Wars on Sunday (this week is episode 5) and popcorn for dinner
1167~Finishing the binding on the new quilt!  and then getting to bed afterwards about 1 am!
1168~Showing the children the parts and function of the sewing machine before putting it in to “hibernation” for a while

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


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