MM: April 19, 2010

holy experience
1090~A little boy who wants to go outside for the sheer joy of wearing his new (to him) puddle boots
1091~Children who are quiet because they are exploring the boxes of books that have been stashed out of their reach for a long time
1092~ Making tiny bits of progress here and there
1093~Late news that The Bull’s sister is through her mastectomy, recovering in her room. . . praying for her
1094~Snow turned to rain
1095~Finished the Bible study
1096~Eggplant Parmesan
1097~Freshly mopped and no more sticky jam on the floor
1098~A potential, calculating and counting the cost
1099~First nap in the toddler bed for my little girl
1100~The new budget spreadsheet looks good and worked well on the test
1101~Calf #2 fell back asleep after waking early and sick
1102~She was willing to pick up the non-sick child
1103~Fixing the spreadsheet to total
1104~A nap for all of us
1105~BBQ beef Hot Pockets
1106~Calf #3 had a lovely time today
1107~Advice to a friend that helped to lighten her load
1108~Since the kids woke early, we got an early start to the day
1109~A new school kit to help the children learn to tell time
1110~The Bull made arrangements for me
1111~Friends helping with the children
1112~Safety on the way
1113~Getting important paperwork
1114~Lunch and dinner, just me and The Bull!  ♥
1115~Signing an agreement
1116~Going places with The Bull
1117~Naps for all
1118~A dream or vision?
1119~Prayer time with dear friends
1120~Ice cream sandwiches
1121~Going to church together, all five of us, first time in months
1122~The Bull taking care of stuff when I was feeling yukky
1123~Nachos for dinner
1124~Sorting and organizing in the kids’ rooms
1125~Early to bed after a long and busy day
1126~Watching cute, fun videos with the children and inspiring them to make their own

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


3 Responses to “MM: April 19, 2010”

  1. Karen Says:

    My kids are Star War fans…I’ll have to watch these videos with them later after lunch.
    I enjoyed your list! Glad you all got to go to church together. We have had a hard time getting there all at the same time due to our allergies. It seems to be the worst this year.

  2. Christabelle Says:

    What an exciting time of preparation! I’m glad you and your husband have gotten some time together. How wonderful it is when that happens! Praying for everyone. God’s love to you today!

  3. Alexis Says:

    Your list is inspiring… and I know that I will find a time for something similar to this. I’ve gotta! Hope you’re doing well, I’m so happy to see where you notice so often that your family is taking care of you 🙂

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