MM: April 12, 2010

holy experience
1049~How good it is to lie down after a long day
1050~Strawberry jam and strawberry-rhubarb jam
1051~Chatting with a friend until late; getting good ideas
1052~Time to rest this morning when I was tired, sore, and worried
1053~Finishing II Kings at lunch
1054~Chatting with another friend:  “You don’t know how much I cried for you!”
1055~Shelomith in I Chronicles at lunch
1056~Getting the little girl’s car seat put back together, and her heartfelt “Thank you Mama!”
1057~A small patch of dirt under the tree–the snow has melted away from it, though the rest of the yard is still covered
1058~A bad dream for my middle child, “Please pray for me, Mama!”
1059~The little girl seems to feel better this afternoon
1060~She is so grateful that I brought her baby and her pillow for her
1061~A safe trip
1062~Getting to the store early
1063~A place to stay and toys for playing with, too
1064~Dinner with Daddy
1065~Keeping my temper despite a diarrhea mess from one kid and a bloody nose mess from another; and cleaning it all up without getting sick myself!
1066~McD breakfast
1067~Getting my new phone set up after an ordeal in which nothing worked as it was supposed to
1068~Lunch with friends
1069~Getting necessary information from a more convenient source
1070~More maybes and possibilities
1071~The pay off
1072~Dinner, then a Piratey movie for the kids and time to talk for the parents
1073~Playing at a snow covered park
1074~Time together as a family
1075~Getting home in good time
1076~The biggest kid made sandwiches for the other two so I could rest when I didn’t feel well
1077~Early to bed after a long day
1078~Getting in the van at the right time without yelling and screaming
1079~A good friend cleaning my leg where the cat bit and/or scratched me
1080~A great time to talk with and make plans with special friends
1081~Shelomith in I Chronicles again, this time at dinner
1082~An hour and a half nap
1083~Teriyaki meatballs and rice
1084~Talking with The Bull without worrying about using too many minutes
1085~Reassurance from a friend
1086~Friends taking care of a BIG need
1087~A special family time, popcorn for dinner and a movie
1088~Arnica for the oldest boy’s head bump
1089~”Song for a 5th child“; I’ve heard this one before but it hits me in a different way now

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


2 Responses to “MM: April 12, 2010”

  1. Christabelle Says:

    This one made me smile! Oh how I can relate to lying down after a long day and being glad I just making it through cleaning up an icky mess! But you remind me to be thankful, to appreciate the little things. Thank you.

  2. debi9kids Says:

    keeping you in my prayers today….

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