MM: April 5, 2010

holy experience

1003~Calf #3 playing peekaboo with a pillowcase over her head
1004~Calf #1 got to hold his chicken
1005~The piles on the floor are gone!  Now to work on the ones that migrate from bed to table
1006~Calf #1 softly snoring
1007~Calf #2 diligently helping to fold the towels
1008~The Bull working hard on our budget spreadsheet
1009~The boys playing games together for hours; Calf #2 had to be explained that “sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t win; but you can play again and maybe win next time”
1010~Still doing ok, although today’s pain is difficult
1011~This morning’s snow turned to rain
1012~The pain is gone this morning
1013~A trip to the library; “. . . . you are my best patrons!”
1014~Making progress on the scrapbooks
1015~Finding decent photos of the boys’ friend for their scrapbooks
1016~The clean smell of freshly bathed children
1017~A positive, encouraging email from a friend
1018~Getting Calf #1’s school papers submitted
1019~Calf #1 worked hard and got his just desserts, an ice cream coupon
1020~A friend’s husband was home and helped in a big way during a crisis
1021~Because we were at our friends’ church, we got to hear about the crisis right away
1022~Possibilities of helping a friend while she helps us
1023~The boys having a friend visit overnight; a treat for all
1024~Sharing good news
1025~Finally getting to bed when the boys got settled (midnight!)
1026~Signing the papers
1027~My friend’s baby is 2 pounds and may start breast feeding tonight!
1028~Lighting the candles
1029~Rejoicing with friends
1030~The bitter horseradish and the sweet charoset; realizing that the two go hand in hand and that the sweet can overpower the bitter in life
1031~A place set for Elijah at the seder
1032~A few moments to talk with a friend I’ve not seen in months; a great hug and tears; “I’ve not commented but I have been praying.”
1033~Talking with a friend in something that the LORD is leading her into, a new and different way; and yes it affects me in a way I would not have imagined
1034~Dozens of happy comments
1035~Getting an early start on the day
1036~The Bull cleaning up the little girl’s vomit off of her and the car seat 😦
1037~Star Wars, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, and a Jawa oh my!
1038~Eating with Daddy on his lunch break
1039~Running into a dear friend unexpectedly at the store
1040~45 minutes in the pool
1041~Calf #3 seems ok after falling and hitting her head
1042~Easter Carol with the children, and a good discussion
1043~Biscuits and gravy and a Bible study
1044~Getting up and ready to go before 9:30
1045~Two hours to drive around
1046~Calf #3’s expression–pure joy and excitement at looking up at the snow falling down
1047~Home before dinner time
1048~Calf #2 so excited about his new Mega Blok set and working hard to try to put them together

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


2 Responses to “MM: April 5, 2010”

  1. sheila Says:

    I just love when you post these. But 45 minutes in the pool? Is it warm by you? I WANT WARM! lol.

  2. purplemoose Says:

    Well, actually . . . it’s an indoor pool. It’s not warm here yet, we still have snow on the ground!!

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