MM: March 29, 2010

holy experience

Today I am getting to my first thousand! Again!

(Argh.  I sat and typed most of these last night but didn’t have time to finish the post. I *thought* I had saved it, but apparently I didn’t? Anyway, poof, they are gone.  So now I must do work again that I have already done–one of my absolute least favorite things!!)

So now I have met my goal.  Instead of holding a newborn child I have collected 1000 bits of beauty.

948~Calf #2: “What if you accidentally mopped yourself?” Me: “Then you would be really clean.” Him: “Then your eyes would be really smooooth.”
949~Calf #3, dancing on the placemat on the floor; laughing and spinning around
950~Choosing together photos for the boys’ scrapbooks
951~Quick and easy dinner: cheesy beany rice (which is, oddly enough, just what it says–cheese, beans, and rice)
952~Breakfast Bible, Lunch Bible, and Dinner Bible
953~The Bull getting to bed really, really early on a day that he had to be up really, really early
954~Hot cocoa and free pastry day at Starbuck’s–and the kind, sweet employee who made it fun for the children
955~Gingered carrot soup and TGI Friday potato skins with friends
956~Knitting and watching The Gods Must Be Crazy while the boys sit enthralled
957~Not getting stuck in the driveway!
958~Helping dear friends do a thorough cleaning
959~Pizza Hut wings and pizza
960~Not hitting the moose that walked in front of me, even though the soup got dumped out in the van
961~The comforting tick of the clock made by Uncle Ben long ago
962~Remembering walking around The Home Depot with him forever ago when we built my little cabin
963~A friend helping with the children
964~Another friend taking time out of her busy day to come meet with me and share ideas, books, and devotional thoughts
965~The children’s teeth look GREAT, says the dentist 🙂
966~Time with a friend and her boys: snacks and house ideas
967~Another friend who understands the massive and difficult changes
968~A hurting friend who listens and gives good advice
969~The Bull listening to me, accepting what I say, coming up with workable solutions to my difficulties
970~Calf #1 excited about memorizing Bible verses
971~The Bull home when we get there
972~Sleeping in after a restless, difficult night
973~The Bull very understanding
974~An answer for which we’d been hoping
975~Paperwork signed and submitted
976~Friends and their children here to visit; fun times–have not laughed that hard in a very long time
977~A dozen eggs to share
978~Finishing the taxes!
979~Found receipts, after the taxes were finished
980~”Ring around the rosies, can we fix it? yes we can!” a new version of an old favorite or two, sung by the little girl
981~A little bit of dirt peeking through the snow on the side of the driveway
982~A chance to run errands all by myself
983~Running into a friend who we may be able to help
984~Cell phones squared away
985~Completing one major project every weekend
986~A short call to a friend
987~Pepperoni pizza pie liked by 100% of the family members, and requested for another time
988~Time to talk with The Bull when the kids are gone to bed
989~A snack made with the boys that was enjoyed by all
990~Leftovers, a simple dinner well liked
991~Delivering pies to friends: spreading a little cheer
992~Kids’ excitement to talk to Grandma, and Calf #1 working hard to get his part of the clean up done
993~Finishing last week’s study
994~Remembering to mix the stuff for my hair; can it really have been almost a month??
995~Realizing that Monday is a holiday!
996~Narnia movies
997~Chatting with The Bull and figuring out the last of the receipts
998~Calf #3 so happy to help sweep the floor, even if she did knock over the aloe vera plant
999~Calf #1 trying–again–to pick up one of the chickens to pet it; none came to him, but he was quite patiently waiting
1000~Children’s creativity with paper, scissors, tape, pencils, and crayons
1001~Playing in boxes
1002~A clean bathroom, and plans to take a bath (which didn’t happen today–maybe tomorrow?)

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


One Response to “MM: March 29, 2010”

  1. debi9kids Says:

    I so wish you were holding a newborn baby….
    I am thankful you found something to keep you busy and help you find reasons for thankfulness.

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