MM: March 15, 2010

holy experience

833~Pushing aside the pain and sorrow to focus on what needed to be done
834~Realizing that our current plan is so similar to John 14:2-3
835~”Cheezus yuffs yitto chilrens,” she sings (Jesus loves the little children)
836~Boys excited about adventure
837~A great decision to clean out an overflowing cabinet which leaves space in life
838~Another great decision: butterscotch pudding parfaits to celebrate
840~This morning’s heavy snow ended, the clouds lightened, the sun broke through: a beautiful march winter day!
841~Chinese people worshipping on YouTube; every tongue will praise Him

843~Snowblower fixed and . . .
844~Driveway cleared–thanks to The Bull
845~And he also fixed the high chair
846~”Hang on to His robe,” an encouraging word picture from a friend in great pain
847~Calling this same friend after hearing of The Bull’s sister’s diagnosis
848~Photocopies made for school
849~Nasty trash gone!
850~Time with friends:  art for the children, tea for the mamas; “You are so strong! I cannot imagine going through so much!”
851~A friend offering to help
852~”Jesus loves me, He will stay close beside me on my way.  He’s prepared a home for me and someday His face I’ll see”
853~A sweet girl visiting
854~”I’ll tell the world that I’m a Christian,” a song that Calf #2 picked by number:  “no other one could love me so.  My life, my all is His forever and where He leads me, I will go.”
855~A dear friend who put so much work intso a dinner and program for the children
856~Crying with another friend over shared, but different, grief and pain
857~Moose at the end of their driveway
858~The Bull home from work to do things around the house
859~Lost seven pounds since 12/31
860~Sun therapy
861~Grocery shopping at a different time of day; store’s almost empty
862~New lens in glasses: hope it makes the headaches a thing of the past
863~The Bull took care of things while I was gone
864~Burned out lightbulbs replaced
865~Chocolate with The Bull after the kids are in bed
866~Outhouse Blend coffee; a favorite from early in our marriage that I’ve not seen in years
867~A nice long phone call with a sister
868~Encouraging words from a friend who has her own struggles
869~The Bull is employed, when so many are not
870~The Bull cleaning up in the garage  🙂
871~A pattern for an afghan I want to make (when? in my spare time?)
872~Getting errands done quickly
873~Sympathies from someone who recognized that I was not “okay”
874~An afternoon with a friend; hugs, tears, food; TRUST for her, HOME for me
875~Breakfast for dinner, including cookies!!
876~The Bull helping me clean up the kitchen
877~Hot water for an impromptu bath for Calf #3 after a diaper mishap
878~Disposable diaper and I’m-not-washing-those jammies into the trash, and trash gone
879~Children excited to race their cars
880~”Better late than never” with good friends; “it will never be like this again”
881~Praying together for our different pains and concerns
882~There is money to pay the bills
883~Friends over for dinner
884~A very yummy recipe for chili
885~Their little girl playing with ours; our little girl sharing her baby dolls
886~Time to talk with the sleepy Bull
887~Seeing the stars
888~Staying home on a difficult day
889~A friend who visits, bringing encouraging Scriptures, hugs, and lunch
890~Her daughter helping with the children and playing together
891~Good memories
892~The Bull helping with dinner
893~Peanut butter pie; I remembered to put it together when everyone was gone so it was a good surprise to all
894~”Tale as old as time;” a favorite video
895~Reading through my journal with The Bull; crying and talking about death, pain, loss

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


One Response to “MM: March 15, 2010”

  1. debi9kids Says:

    I know this monoth has not been an easy one. Just know, I am praying for you.

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