And Now, For Something Completely Different

What is it with these “personal products” companies and their ridiculous slogans?  It is obvious to me that these were from the men’s department.  No, really.  A woman would know better than to run these through:

Always: “Have a happy period.”  A happy period? Please.  I’m supposed to be happy when I feel like someone shoved his hand you-know-where and is trying to rip out my uterus?  Oooh, did I mention the sciatic pain that goes all the way down to my knees during that time?  Yes, that’s a happy time for some, maybe, but not for me.

Kotex: “The ultimate in care down there.”  Taking euphemism to the next level, don’t ya think?  I mean this has yuckky written all over it.  This is definitely a man’s answer to a hot-potato, hands-off, don’t-go-there discussion.

My $0.02 (for what very little it’s worth)? I think what these advertising campaigns need is a woman’s touch.


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