MM: February 22, 2010

holy experience

I need to keep remembering this quote from Heidi“If you can’t see beyond your own pain enough to find the good then you will forever be shrouded in dark, gloomy clouds.” Especially on the dark, gloomy, painful days.

670~Quickly punting when I realized that the hymn I’d planned for our school morning would not work out!
671~Finishing the school work early
672~Several days of above-freezing temps that help the snow to melt. . . there are spots on our road where the gravel is visible . . . definitely not normal for February!
673~It’s still light at 6 pm. . . spring is coming. . . this is normal for February
674~50% off valentine’s candy that will work out just fine for the next holiday
675~An observation, or object lesson, that maybe my daughter’s fussing over not getting what she wants is very similar to my fussing over not getting what I wanted
676~The dripping sound of snow melting off the roof
677~”It’s OK to grieve,” a friend wrote, “it shows your love is deep”
678~”When pain is to be borne, a little courage helps more than much knowledge, a little human sympathy more than much courage, and the least tincture of the love of God more than all.”  ~~CS Lewis, The Problem of Pain, page 10
679~A hug and a kiss from the little girl
680~A purple pen that glides smoothly over the page
681~The Bull got the computer set up for the kids, so Calf #1 got some computer time
682~Making progress on my paperwork
683~Boys jumping up to get into bed as soon as it was time, without fussing or arguing
684~Figuring out details on our deadlines and future planning dilemmas
685~Calf #2’s shots done quickly and with as little trauma as possible
686~Getting to our lessons on time
687~A helpful, tearful talk with a friend, with ideas on how to deal with an unfair and difficult upcoming situation
688~Also a realization that this situation was exacerbated by miscarriage
689~A restful afternoon to talk with a friend while the children play
690~An absolutely stunning rendition of today’s song

691~The last reading lesson in the book!!  When we sat down to finish it, he was so excited that this is the last one because of the prize that goes with finishing a book; but after we’d finished, he was so excited to hear the end of the story that he forgot about the prize
692~Getting the computer and game CD to work
693~Calf #2 soooo happy to use the “Amazing Animals” program again, one of their absolute favorites
694~Children having a fun time playing with their friends
695~Cheesecake with, and by, The Bull  🙂
696~Make-believe choices for me from the boys:  Cake or pie?  Kiss or hug?  Broom or dustpan?  All the while they are whispering between themselves what to offer me
697~Calf #1’s joke:  “What is it when a dinosaur is eating the world?  It’s hugging you!”  (Wondering if this applies closer to home than I realize, when it seems that my world is being consumed but I am actually being hugged?)
698~A chair-and-blanket “house” in the middle of the living room
699~Pharaoh, Pharaoh–a song fondly remembered from my young adult camp counseling days that I now get to teach to my children  🙂
700~”Always,” on the radio

701~Laminating, photocopying, and finding fun stories
702~The Bull and our neighbor were able to get the car out of the ditch when I got it in there because the road is so icy  😦
703~A lovely evening with friends
704~A helpful talk with friends about what to expect
705~Children playing with friends while the adults visit
706~Calf #3:  “Me tee the moon!  Tee it?  There!  The moon!”  So excited
707~Calf #3’s pronunciation of her name
708~A sleep-in day
709~Being home to work on projects
710~The deep brown of my daughter’s eyes that matches my own
711~A hubby who is handy with fixing things around the house, from woodworking to cooking
712~Calf #2 who will sit on my lap and let me hold him
713~And give me lots of hugs and kisses
714~Calf #1 consenting to a haircut without screaming and fussing
715~And he still lets me sing to him at bedtime
716~Watching movies together as a family
717~The endless to-do list means that I am not bored
718~Boys re-enrolled for school next year
719~Calf #3 loves the doll-sized quilt I made. . . fifteen years ago it was scraps; seven years ago I finished it; now she treasures it so much she sleeps with it every night
720~Remembering happy times from July 2009: early pregnancy nausea and tiredness while camping, going to BBQs, taking a roadtrip. . . somehow it doesn’t seem so bad anymore
721~Cinnamon rolls with purple icing
722~Dinner simple and well-liked, with more for later in the freezer
723~Several hours put in on catching up on a fun memory project
724~The last piece of cheesecake
725~The nearly full moon–Hello again, moon!  Good night, moon!

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


3 Responses to “MM: February 22, 2010”

  1. Tiaras Says:

    I like reading these little snip-its about your days!

    so sorry you went in the ditch – I hope you didn’t have to walk too far!

  2. purplemoose Says:

    Nope, it was at the corner by our house. The Bull came and picked me up. 🙂 Guess that would have been another one for the list.

  3. Cascia @ Healthy Moms Says:

    Beautiful list like usual! I love it when spring is just around the corner and we have more daylight.

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