MM: February 8, 2010

holy experience

The Bull was gone for most of the week so I got to be Mama and Daddy for a few days.  I don’t really like that set up much. . . but I try not to complain because I know that many many many families do this all the time.  Besides–we survived.  😉

555~Kids helping with chores
556~Freshly mopped kitchen floor
557~Low effort meals
558~What Calf #1 calls “Breakfast Bible,” listening while we eat (Thanks for the ideas, Ann and Kendra!)
559~Talking to The Bull on the phone three times
560~Children mostly cooperative today
561~Calf #2 feeling better today
562~This week’s realization of last week’s news:  The position for which The Bull unsuccessfully applied a year ago is now dissolved. . . had he been successful, he would now be unemployed!!  Perhaps a reminder that sometimes it is a blessing to not get what we dearly want?
563~A new cup of Daisy sour cream
564~Listening to music on Ann’s blog–calm, peaceful
565~Calf #3 counting:  1, 2, 3, 6
566~The Bull called us four times today!
567~Learning how to make a heart
568~Deciding to bless a hurting friend with a heart of a different kind
569~Nestle tollhouse cookies
570~Chatting with The Bull, a sis in law, and three other friends. . . all in one night. . . on a day when I felt lonely and forgotten
571~Learning about the Oak Island treasure with the boys

572~The last of four days in a row to stay home with sick children. . . I am quite a homebody and enjoy these home days immensely
573~30 degree days when I go out to attend to the animals (normally The Bull’s job)
574~An OK report from a pregnant friend. . . OK for now
575~An appointment done unexpectedly early which gave us a few extra minutes before the next scheduled item
576~a few more hearts done on the garland
577~Mah Jongg
578~My children. . . the three that I hugged today and the one that I didn’t, can’t
579~My husband, who works hard to provide for his family
580~A chat with a friend from “way back,” and sharing her fond memories of me . . . “I realize that you’ve been through your share of hard times and yet every time I have ever seen you, you have a smile on your face. . . . you are an inspiration” (I don’t think she has seen me often?)
581~Computers, Internet, Cell phones to be able to keep in touch while he’s away
582~Children especially attentive during today’s hymn in circle time
583~Science for lunch
584~Getting the trash to the dump before they closed
585~Steak for me, Happy Meals for them
586~He’s home!!
587~Waking up The Bull with the children
588~Breakfast together, made by him
589~The Bull and the boys helping with dinner
590~The Bull home from work to help Calf #1 with his project
591~A financial blessing in the mail
592~Fresh snow!  Just a light dusting, not too much
593~Cute, warm tights for Calf #3
594~80 minutes to talk with my dear pregnant friend. . . she is so positive in a complicated, difficult situation
595~A calm peace after talking with her
596~Calf #2: “I only had one crazy dream last night. It was pigs and trees attacking and the pigs were bad guys.”
597~Being able to visit with special friends for the first time in a month
598~A family fun day
599~Discount coupons on fun things
600~Running into our midwife at the store and talking about miscarriage
601~Monopoly Jr. with the family
602~A movie together
603~Time with The Bull after the children are in bed
604~Beautiful fluffy white snow
605~Finished the garland for a friend and delivered with a hug. . . good timing, as it’s been a hard week for her
606~”Thankful to be walking through life with you” and hugs from her
607~A ponderable thought that is hard to explain about Jesus, all powerful, not needing to defend Himself after He was arrested, falsely accused, beaten, and mocked
608~Delicious snacks for the Superbowl
609~Friends to come and spend the day
610~Yay Underdogs!  It’s the Saints!
611~A talk with The Bull about making school work better for wiggly little ones.

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


4 Responses to “MM: February 8, 2010”

  1. sheila Says:

    AWESOME video!!! At first Oak Island sounded like my house (money pit, lol) But how interesting!!!!

    And yes, the ancients are known sea faring people so there’s no doubt that that rock is Egyptian! How cool! I’ll be looking for updates on this one. This is my something new for the entire week! lol

  2. purplemoose Says:

    Sheila, we thought it was fascinating too. Spent most of the evening watching video after video and looking into it! –Just so long as the boys don’t go digging up the yard in search of treasure we’ll be fine. 😉

  3. debi9kids Says:

    I’m such a homebody too and LOVE the days when I can just stay home with the people i love and just pile on the cozy blankets and sneak in extra cuddles 🙂

  4. Khadra Says:

    A financial blessing, Daisy sour cream, and cooperative children, would make my day too!

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