MM: February 1, 2010

holy experience

A new month.  Already.  Seems like we were just worrying about life as we knew it crashing to a stop with the Y2K bug, and now we’re ten years and a month later.

It has been an especially difficult week for me and I am trying desperately to keep my focus.  I had set a goal to reach my first “one thousand gifts” before my baby Shelomith would have been born (middle to end of March), so I try to squeeze seven or nine from the pulp of every day.

One more week’s worth of blessings straight from the hand of the LORD:

501~Chatting with a friend about “maybe”
502~Spending some time on my novel
503~Having a plan for tomorrow, before it is here
504~Friends who will pray when I’m having a sad day
505~Three moose crossing the road in front of us
506~Boys’ interest in the letter blocks
507~A trip to the library:  the children make themselves at home; we can’t borrow as many books as they’d like to so we have to come back again 🙂
508~Mailing a package to a sick girl
509~A bright night. . . I can’t see the moon as it is obscured by clouds, but I can see its light
510~Realizing that I’m not coughing nearly as much tonight as I have been
511~A big tooth growing in a little boy’s mouth. . . Calf #2 has one adult tooth coming in and one beginning to poke through his gum too
512~He also finished the food that he didn’t like, with encouragement bribery of a yummy treat
513~An eagle high up in the tree
514~Arnica and some other stuff from a friend; also hugs and understanding
515~Tea with another friend who understands “I thought I was”
516~Calf #3’s pink fuzzy jammies in the wash; it’s so nice to have a little girl around
517~The Bull holding me while I cry
518~Ending the night with gut wrenching laughter over a co-worker’s joking comments
519~Calf #1 loves his story problems! He was excited today that his math page had four instead of the usual two
520~Calf #2 coloring a picture of kids painting a rainbow (one boy painted blue, a girl painted yellow, another girl painted pink) and says, “God painted the red!”
521~The Bull taking Calf #1 to his meeting so I didn’t have to leave the house when I was feeling under the weather
522~Calf #2 finishing his soup, with yet another incentive
523~Knitting and eating cookies with the kids while watching a movie
524~An earthquake safety discussion with The Bull, inspired by a misguided email
525~Being horizontal after a long and tiring day
526~Starting the computer up fresh
527~Getting in to see a PA at my doctor’s office on short notice
528~Finding out that it’s not strep throat that has been ailing me for two weeks
529~Lunch with The Bull
530~Supplies for science projects that I’m certain that the children will love
531~Boys who are excited about our day’s fun activities
532~The Bull reading bedtime stories to the children
533~A lovely, hopeful email from a dear, busy friend
534~Watching special features with The Bull after the kids have gone to bed
535~Drinking five quarts of tea in a day
536~A moonlit, snowy yard
537~Muffins for breakfast
538~An afternoon to lounge and knit
539~Finished shawls

540~A new project started
541~Calf #2 liking dinner. . . again!
542~The soft curve of her chubby little face
543~She sings to me: “Yesesss Jeee-us oves Mama, yes Jeee-ussssss oves Mama, yes Jeee-us oves Mama, Dye-o tellssss eee so.”
544~20 bedtime kisses and hugs from Calf #2
545~A surprisingly tight hug from Calf #1
546~A hug and a back scratch from The Bull
547~Staying home with a sick calf
548~Watching movies with him
549~A restorative nap for him, right there on the living room floor where he’d laid to watch movies
550~Attempting to encourage a hurting friend with dinner and conversation
551~Drinking soda pop with dinner: a special treat
552~Helping The Bull
553~Folded laundry
554~Hyland’s C + cold tablets. . . again, haven’t I mentioned them already?

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


3 Responses to “MM: February 1, 2010”

  1. Cascia @ Healthy Moms Says:

    Those are all wonderful blessings!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hi, I have heard the song, “Held.” It’s very pretty and comforting. I also was going to do the bible study with Kelly. I don’t think that I will post anything on my blog during the study, but you never know, God works in mysterious ways:)
    Thanks for asking.

  3. debi9kids Says:

    wonderful list of so many things to be thankful for.
    You will always have my prayers, my friend.

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