MM: Halfway There!

holy experience

This is monumental!  I set a goal of getting to my first 1000 before my baby would have been born near the end of March.  I am shocked that I’m halfway there already!  It’s been a great thing to re-focus my mind on the blessings every day.

439~On a particularly bad day, The Bull came home to rescue the kids from me (or was it the other way around?)
440~The Bull cleaning out the tub and insisting that I . . .
441~take a bubble bath.  I decided instead to use . . .
442~the “dinosaur egg” that Calf #1 gave me for Christmas, and he popped it into the water, and then . . .
443~a stegosaurus–my favorite dinosaur–hatched in my bathwater!
444~A few minutes of NOT coughing while I was in the tub
445~The Bull grilled burgers for dinner
446~Both boys started out dinner saying, “I don’t like this,” but surprised themselves–and me!–by realizing that they DID like it
447~A helpful post about emotions on an emotionally bad day
448~Boys’ excitement about a new edition of their favorite comic strip (Rocket Rooster is what they call it, but it is Rocket Brewster)
449~Finding out as I was heading to bed that Calf #3 had taken off her pajamas and diaper and wet the bed, instead of finding this out at 2:30 am after I’d already gone to sleep
450~Being able to get through the school work quickly
451~Me dealing somewhat gracefully with several very disappointing changes in plans
452~Figuring out what to do with my blogaversary
453~Calf #1 sacrificing Lego money to help others in need
454~Getting a special post finalized
455~Rocking with a little girl before her nap
456~The Bull taking two of the kids for ice cream
457~Getting out the door, almost in time
458~A good talk with a friend while walking
459~Finally introducing myself to a lady I see every week
460~Free magazines
461~A free school book, just minutes after talking with our contact teacher and realizing a need for it!  She said I am lucky today, but I know it is the LORD looking out for Calf #1’s needs
462~Cookies in the freezer to defrost for a quick snack
463~Getting to a special activity time for the littler two calves
464~Seeing animal tracks in the snow
465~A new (to us) computer
466~Two boys and their sister watching Anne of Green Gables
467~Seeing one fox, three moose, and one eagle on the way home
468~Calf #1 having a change of heart regarding finishing his schoolwork
469~”I’m saving the best for last” –Calf #1, about doing his math work before his reading work
470~Calf #1 practically begging me to do his reading work with him, then he went over and got the book and started by himself!
471~Calf #2 enjoyed dinner, even with onions and zucchini!
472~Calf #3 got her jammies on by herself–backwards–she’s so proud of herself!
473~The Bull trying to fix the DVD player so we can watch  a movie with a friend
474~An hourlong chat with a friend; mutual support for pain and pregnancy loss
475~A box of food
476~Calf #1 changing his mind and improving his attitude
477~A friend visiting
478~Prince Caspian
479~The DVD player worked the whole time!
480~The Bull home to watch part with us
481~Watching another movie with friends
482~Calf #3 asking me to leave her door open “a little tiny bit” with fingers indicating the gap
483~A warm bed on a cold night when I am feeling sick
484~Calf #1 getting to go on an outdoor adventure with The Bull
485~Holding and snuggling with a sleepy Calf #2 while reading blogs
486~Playing “peekaboo” while getting her shirt over her head
487~Sour cream and salsa with tortilla chips (it’s a vegetable, right? 😀 )
488~A few minutes to talk with a dear friend
489~Her willingness to pick up necessities at the store for me
490~Bowling a strike on the first frame. . . and almost tying The Bull’s score
491~The children excitedly rolling, pushing, and throwing bowling balls down the lane
492~Temps warmed up to about 10 degrees above zero at bedtime
493~A few hours of girl time with Calf #3 while Daddy and the boys head out
494~Her shrieks of laughter when I pretend I’m a cat
495~A cute pattern that I want to make sometime!
496~Calf #1 playing “mama drums,” a game I’d forgotten about (and a nice back scratch!)
497~Seeing parts of the big game
498~Everyone liked dinner!!
499~The Bull cleaning up Calf #3’s mess of bubble bath (half a bottle) and baby powder
500~Dozens of hugs and kisses from Calf #2 at bedtime

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One Response to “MM: Halfway There!”

  1. Tiaras & Tantrums Says:

    these are cute little treats about your days!

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