BPS: This Beautiful Mess

This reminds me of one of my favorite music groups and one of my favorite songs from this album (although this song is on two different cds, and this video shows the other cd.)

I am NOT a messy person.  Well, I am really, the house is usually a mess.  But I despise cleaning up messes and being sticky and getting my hair messed up, that kind of thing.  So it is a stretch for me to let the kids use play doh or cook or other messy things.  We do it, but it stresses me out greatly!

But when I think of a beautiful mess, this is one of my first thoughts.  This is Calf #1’s first picture after his birth.  He was quite a mess!  Aside from being long, his delivery and birth went fairly well.  The doctor checked him over and Calf #1 seemed to be doing very well with great Apgar scores.  Then the doctor left the hospital.

And then Calf #1 turned white.  There was a bit of panic there in the delivery room for a while.

I was still euphoric about having a son, and did not grasp the enormity of the situation at all!  The Bull talked the nurses into letting me hold him for a few moments, holding an oxygen mask over his face, while they prepared a place for him in the NICU.

Within minutes they had taken him and fitted him with an oxygen hood.  He knocked it off. 🙂  So they switched him to a nasal cannula.  IV antibiotics were started fairly quickly, too, into his umbilical stump.

Aside from his mess, the mama was a mess too!  The initial euphoria wore off when the doctor came back in and told us that our little boy was very sick, and they weren’t yet sure why.  I really wasn’t expecting the nurses to need to take my baby to the NICU at all!  So we were not prepared for this separation.  And with his difficulty breathing, nursing him was out of the question.

One day later, he had made a little progress but was still in the NICU and still not allowed to nurse.

Here’s the proud new papa, with his little boy!

This was our first family picture and the second time I got to hold my baby.  Of course I was crying!  We looked so young then.  😉

Cultures came back positive for group B strep (GBS) and the IV was moved from umbilical stump to hands and feet.  I was amazed and appalled how long it took them to get those IVs started!! UGH!!  The poking, it was not very pleasant to watch and not comfy at all for the poor little calf.  The doctor seemed to be the only one who could get the darned thing in sometimes.

At one and a half days old (which seemed like half of forever!), his breathing had stabilized enough that he was taken off the oxygen and brought back into my room.  And there was no way I was going to let them take him back after that!!  The nursing was difficult, but we persisted and figured it out, with some help from a wonderful, patient nurse.

He spent a week in the hospital for IV antibiotics  It was a very difficult time for us.

But he continued to grow and thrive and soon we were pretty sure that all systems were “go,”

eh, so to speak.  😉

Our Going Home day was a blast.  I was exhausted and still quite sore (cursed episiotomy!!) so we made only one stop on the way home (to visit some elderly friends so they could meet our little guy–there weren’t at home; later we learned they were at the hospital to see us!)  Blissful, blessed messy home!

It was only later, as I looked back over that week, that I realized how blessed we had been.  It was a difficult week, to be sure, but it ended well: we took our baby home.  I shudder to think of how the story might have gone if his birth had worked the way we had planned.  It’s amazing to be able to look back and say, “The LORD sure knew what He was doing!”

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2 Responses to “BPS: This Beautiful Mess”

  1. debi b Says:

    Great post! It was great to get a chance to hear calf #1 birth story. (I never knew!) Great twist on the theme…I think that’s my favorite thing about this meme, people can do whatever they want with it 🙂

    Thanks for playing along this week 🙂

  2. Tiaras & Tantrums Says:

    what a bit of a scary first birth! I’m so happy everything turned out okay for you little guy!

    I’m with you on the messy part – MAJOR anxiety when the kids want to “help” me cook!! ANd I don’t do playdoh – that is for hubbie only! hee hee

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