MM: January 18

holy experience

Only one week’s worth this time.  😉

384~My oldest today got up and put new trashbags in the trashcans first thing, and without being asked to!
385~Being prepared for school–getting it ready the night before
386~Calf #2 asking about a song we sang for school:  “His blood can make the foulest clean” (O For 1000 Tongues) “Do we have to wash in Jesus’ blood?”
387~Two boys “fighting” about who gets to peel the carrots first; argument quickly resolved and motivated by a desire to use my new veggie peeler 🙂
388~Homemade applesauce from old, soft apples–gives the house a lovely smell AND the apples don’t get wasted
389~A sweet reminder of Shelomith
390~Friends to help us, eat with us, talk with and play with the children
391~Getting in bed before 11 pm!
392~Getting out of the house on time for our meetings
393~Lunch on the run from left overs
394~Using geoboards with friends
395~Visiting the library
396~A tasty dinner quickly thrown together, slightly modified to adjust for materials we had on hand
397~Time to get a scrapbook started
398~Calf #3 singing, “Jesus loves Mama. . . ”
399~Daddy home for the day, and although he’s sick he gets Calf #3 ready to go for me
400~Calf #3 doing well at her lessons
401~Calf #2 sitting to eat his lunch so that he props the door open for people coming in and out of the building
402~Art lessons with friends
403~Georgia O’Keefe paintings
404~Calf #2’s enjoyment of painting
405~Hugs and help from a friend
406~Getting in bed about 10 pm. . . I am coming down with a cold 😦
407~Writing to sort out painful feelings
408~Being home for a day
409~The Bull calling from work to see how we are doing, as he does nearly every day
410~Date night 🙂  Good food for The Bull and me; a good babysitter for the children
411~Acetominophen when I’m feeling sick
412~Getting in bed early again
413~The Bull getting up overnight when Calf #2 fell out of bed.  And the cute things that he said:  “People in Africa eat bananas from the bottom, which is very hard for four-year-olds and three-year-olds and two-year-olds to do.  Daddy, go back to where you were before.”
414~Waking with a good song on my mind which I’ve not heard for a long time

415~Wearing out my first pen in this gratitude journal (would you be surprised to know that it’s purple? 😀 )
416~Hot tea when you have an earache and congestion
417~A friend trusting me enough to share about an emotionally difficult, frustrating experience
418~Watching a fun video with the boy calves on youtube which incorporates both purple and moose 🙂

419~Calf #1 working so diligently on a word search for school
420~Calf #2 excited about a robot math page . . .
421~and Calf #1 solving for the unknown number on the same page
422~Dinner “volcanoes” well received
423~Progress report submitted for school
424~Mama not getting stressed out when I realized that we were leaving late
425~A psalm in a songbook that I’m trying to memorize
426~A friend referring to Solomon’s prayer dedicating the Temple. . . a reminder of thoughts from before
427~Panda black licorice
428~Lunch with friends
429~Purple-ish tea light candles
430~Catching up on blogs
431~Baby pictures again
432~Staying home from church when The Bull and I are both feeling poorly
433~Fixing a page that I’ve wanted to for some time
434~Making progress on the boys’ scrapbooks
435~Leftovers for dinner
436~A 7-year-old who will sit on my lap . . . so long as I don’t breathe on him  😉
437~Calf #2’s lost tooth #2, thanks to canteloupe
438~A little time to plan for the week’s school, which will include Calf #2’s favorite letter

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


4 Responses to “MM: January 18”

  1. Jenny Says:

    What a list…full of laughter, life and love!

  2. heidi Says:

    You go, girl!!! SO much to be thankful and joyous about!!

  3. Tiaras & Tantrums Says:

    Do you write one sentence from each day?

  4. purplemoose Says:

    I try to write seven or nine a day. I’m trying to get to 1000 before the end of March. Especially right now. . . I need that.

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