MM: Starting the Year Out Right . . . A Week Later!

holy experience

I started this post last week, but the time got away from me. . . so I decided to keep on going and post two weeks at the same time.  It will be a marathon. . . I am sorry about that!  Are you ready?

Last week I realized that I have a tendency to turn my gratitude list into a “have done” list.  Sure, I’m always glad for the things that got done in the day.  But really, I think I can–need to–dig a little deeper to discover the blessings that are less obvious for me.  And maybe that’s just a reflection of my get-it-done personality that puts accomplishments in higher priority than people?

239~A wonderful, thoughtful blog posting that gives me several wonderful ideas: my need for grace with the children and to have a Presence through the day (I want to print this and post on the bathroom mirror with my other important thoughts to remember)
240~This led to a discussion with Calf #1 about giving grace to those who make mistakes–well received–in which I asked him to pray for me to show him grace
241~”Monday Funday” idea well received by the boys
242~A thoughtful reaction from Calf #1 when a frustrated Mama said “If this is Monday Funday, why am I not having fun?”
243~The boys’ eagerness to try a weaving activity that is way beyond their abilities
244~Vegetables washed, cut, diced, and ready to eat
245~Cleaning out the coupons to finish out the year
246~The big, beautiful moon
247~A colorful sunrise (red, pink, blue, purple) that I was, unfortunately, unable to photograph . . .
248~but gave me a beautiful scene which illuminated the moose in the front yard
249~The privilege of being asked to help a mama transport four precious kiddoes
250~Alaska Coupon Diva
251~Good and Plenty candy
252~Getting to the bank before they closed
253~The grocery store almost empty at dinnertime–thanks to the post-holiday slowness
254~Coupons for free food  🙂
255~Samples in the mail
256~A little girl who helps me put the groceries away
257~Getting to bed early-ish
258~Paperwork for reimbursements for school expenses which came together fairly well
259~A visit with a friend we’ve not seen in over a year (!!!), and a realization that the kids are mirroring my attitude about intangible ingratitude in a tangible way
260~Seeing how her children have grown
261~An unexpected run into another friend we haven’t seen in over a year
262~New books from the library
263~Getting errands done
264~The kind woman at the school office who is not bothered by the children’s antics
265~A tasty dinner
266~Making cookies with the children afterwards
267~A boys’ game of checkers
268~Rocking a sleepy little girl
269~Homemade breakfast sandwiches
270~Several hours alone to relax, refresh, and accomplish at the end of the year
271~After my morning reading, and the realization that those people must have been (spiritually) blind to have missed the LORD’s mercy and work (on the most painful night of His life, He still had the presence of mind and the focus on His ministry to heal a servant’s ear!), there is the realization that in my own life this thankful gratitude journal opens my eyes to His working in my life
272~Kids’ record books started
273~Food storage organized
274~Thrift store donation sorted and recorded and gone!!!
275~Time with friends
276~A blue moon
277~Velveeta+RoTel dip with tortilla chips
278~Year end prayers at bedtime
279~A plan to diffuse fussiness in a boy with more hugs
280~Getting to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve
281~Sleeping in a little bit (7:00-7:30 am) with The Bull
282~Another blog posting with lovely home schooling philosophies and ideas. . . “at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you sat down with your child and together engaged in mastering an idea.”
283~Another great idea there. . . “You are interpreting the world to your child. Is it fascinating for you? . . . . *Show* your child how interesting the world is, and they will love to learn.”
284~A visit from dear friends, bringing gifts for our children and their parents
285~Watching bits of Ohio vs Oregon
286~Buffalo chicken dip 🙂
287~A dear sis-in-law who has a new computer!!
288~Messages to and from her
289~Thoughts from my morning devotional:  “How we respond to life’s hardships determines how much of a toll those hardships will take on us”
290~A family outing to the car wash (yeah, great excitement for us 😀 )
291~Looking in the rear view mirror at two cute sleepy children in the back seat
292~Oh yeah–the rear view mirror is reattached! Thanks honey! (it fell off a few weeks ago)
293~Purple bunny clock, made by Uncle Ben during a previous time of grief
294~The Bull taking care of the oil change and vaccuming of the van
295~Two pans of lasagna; one for now, one for later
296~Blessings of food
297~Dear brother with a new computer
298~Reading a lovely book at bedtime, Nico & Lola, with lessons for all of us
299~Five varieties of beans soaking for chili
300~Lying in a warm bed after a long, cold day; the sore muscles breathing a sigh of relief
301~A warm van
302~The van’s radio working all the way to church, where it has been sporadic for weeks
303~A glimpse of a snow white hare as it raced across the road
304~NINE moose sighted, including a mama moose with twin calves about half a mile after another mama moose with twin calves.
305~A hug from a good friend that I wasn’t expecting to see!
306~A tub of Nestle Tollhouse Cookie dough
307~An afternoon of yummy food watching movies with my family
308~One full minute of belly laughing . . .The Bull . . . “I wish you had told me that 11 years ago!”
309~Spoon bread and honey butter
310~Catching up on comments
311~Audio Bible
312~Listening to the book of Genesis while the boys eat breakfast
313~Cleaning up after a long weekend
314~The House at Pooh Corner, with . . .
315~Two boys who listen, enthralled
316~Lentil, enjoyed by all three children
317~Introducing fractions with apples and graham crackers
318~Lemon pepper chicken
319~Potatoes washed by The Bull. . .
320~For the onion soup roasted potatoes . . .
321~Of which Calf #2 enjoyed so much he ate four or five helpings!
322~Having a friend come to share supper . . .
323~and sweet boys sharing their candy with him . . .
324~and a sweet girl snuggling and playing with him . . .
325~ . . . all of which helped him as his wife and children were away
326~The Bull holding my hand as we lie in bed and I share a few of my fears
327~Calf #2 has a loose tooth!!  I noticed it first when brushing his teeth this morning
328~A good chat with my brother, and a start to a solution for a problem
329~Finishing Lentil, and Five In A Row volume 1 which has given us many good memories
330~Calves #1 and #2 enjoying their charcoal drawings–entire hands and papers are black!–and telling myself, “never mind the mess, mama!  They are having fun!”
331~Daddy is home for dinner, even though it is very late and burned 😦
332~Saving 50% on groceries, thanks to coupons and sales discounts
333~Resources to share with a friend, although I hope and pray that she does not need them
334~This morning’s devotional reading:, emailed to me last month from these kind folks“All these moments, the good and the difficult, are sacred moments because of Emmanuel.”
335~ . . . furthermore:   “Your whole attitude, and the atmosphere of your home, changes when you understand that God is powerfully with you in every mothering moment.”
336~ . . . in addition:  “He is with you in the dark times. He is with you when you do not feel Him and think that He is far away.”
337~The last piece of Almond Roca, saving it to savor it
338~Book It! coupons
339~Time to help a struggling friend
340~Church family praying together
341~The man who pushed my car back onto the road when I got stuck on the snowy,  icy shoulder
342~Getting home safely on super icy roads
343~The Bull staying up till I got home . . .
344~so he could help me bring in the groceries and let me be in bed first
345~Calf #2’s first lost tooth which he pulled out of his mouth in the van on the way home from church, and dropped; which was quickly found
346~The cereal bowl that fell out of the fridge and broke, scattering cereal and Corelle shards in the kitchen, did not have milk in it so it was a relatively small mess to clean up
347~And I was wearing slippers–not barefoot as I often am–so my feet didn’t get cut
348~Something cute that Calf #2 said, that I didn’t write down and could not remember 😦
349~The swirl in my little girl’s scalp from which her hair grows
350~Her joy in playing with her new tea set that Calf #2 got her for Christmas; and such a thoughtful gift from her brother
351~Possibility of a promotion
352~He is employed in a time when so many are searching for work
353~The house is paid for another month
354~A new community of people who understand
355~A fun diversion involving colors
356~Learning to have a more laid back attitude with school–allowing the children to take responsibility for their own actions.  Who duty is it to ensure that they are on task and diligent–mine, by yelling and spanking?  Or is it their job, so that they can earn stickers and get through the work quickly and on to the fun part of the day?
357~. . . which is a little thing we call “Friday Funday,” a great motivator and Calf #1’s favorite subject (basically, fun and educational activities)
358~A neat inspiration for Friday Funday, to take four activities and put them in four paper bags and allow the children to choose which one we do first
359~Very easy Sudoku for kids, a big hit for Calf #1 (printed from here last year and finally done this year!)
360~Calf #2 making a frog out of a walnut (inspired by a craft project in Highlights magazine)
361~Quick and easy dinner, well received
362~Fun times with the family in the evening
363~Watching a favorite movie with The Bull after the kids go to bed
365~Sleeping in
366~Having my honey home to help with the herd
367~Clean kitchen
368~Boxes and bags filled and sealed up to put into storage for later use
369~Haircuts for all three of the menfolk in the house
370~Road killed moose and a friend to help deal with it
371~Flannel sheets
372~Flannel sheets when the temperatures outside are below zero
373~A cute, simple hairdo
374~Chest pain that ended up being “merely” bronchitis
375~A hug from a friend who is hurting and asking for prayer
376~Moose walking through the church parking lot
377~Calf #3’s excitement over seeing a baby moose
378~The Bull getting a good afternoon nap
379~A quick, easy dinner liked by the picky child
380~Taking boxes and bags down to the crawl space with my two helpers
381~Singing to the children at bedtime: a tradition I want to continue
382~Balloons and toy light sabers
383~Watching literal videos with The Bull, lots of laughter (not all of these are appropriate for the children)

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


8 Responses to “MM: Starting the Year Out Right . . . A Week Later!”

  1. Cascia @ Healthy Moms Says:

    Wow! What a list. I bet that took a long time to put together.

  2. purplemoose Says:

    A little here, a little there. . . I try to write a few down every night before I go to sleep.

  3. sheila Says:

    Nice! I just did 274. Waiting for the truck now!

  4. nani Says:

    WOWZA!! You rock!! I have finally started my list (in my journal) and am working on my new blog so I can post it. I’m a little behind 🙂

  5. purplemoose Says:

    Go Nani!! Go Nani!!! Go Nani!!! What a cool way to start the year. I understand about being behind. 😉

  6. purplemoose Says:

    Isn’t it a nice feeling to have the stuff GONE!?

  7. Tiaras & Tantrums Says:

    do you really see moose that often? You must see moose as often as we see deer??

  8. purplemoose Says:

    We see moose several times a week. Sometimes, we see several in a day! The babies are born in early summer and so we get to see ’em grow up a bit.

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