MM: December 14

holy experience

Today I’m getting to my first 100.  YAY!

60~ Fresh roasted sunflower seeds from a home grown sunflower
61~ Borscht. . . helped by the boys
62~Catching up on things that stacked up last month, one area at a time
63~A boy lost in enjoyment of a book he’s reading
64~ . . . and that he’s reading by himself!
65~A movie together with The Bull after the children are gone to bed
66~Boys who help with chores
67~A boy who loves handwriting
68~Children who are excited over Advent activities
69~The fresh pear scent of my little girl’s just-washed hair
70~Two months’ worth of mail sorted and ready to be filed, thrown away, or otherwise handled
71~Beet greens for dinner
72~An old photo on an old phone of someone gone for two years
73~Three eggs laid by our hens, the first ones since the weather turned cold
74~Snowy white frosted trees thanks to the fog that’s been hanging around for days. . . a benefit to the bad weather?
75~A different perspective on life, courtesy of a little white dog

76~A husband who will rock and sing to the little girl at bedtime
77~A trip to play land for the kids, a hot decaf mocha with raspberry flavor for me
78~Arrival of ordered materials
79~A small party with others who are hurting; a temporary distraction from the pain of grief and loss
80~The smell of the orange oil polish used to clean the piano
81~The excitement of the boys on the day we decorate for CHRISTmas
82~A made up song that makes Calf #2 clap his hands and jump up and down, excited about the day’s activities
83~Gifts wrapped prettily for another party

The senses of the season:
84~Smell: Spiced apple cider
85~Sound: Amy Shreve’s Christmas CD (. . . except that song #4 hit a little too close to home)
86~Sight: Purple and moose lights
87~Taste: Buffalo blue cheese chicken dip
88~Touch: A sleeping little girl’s soft hand

89~Decorating with the children
90~Nativity sets; one for the children to use
91~A husband who wants to spend time with me
92~A God who is with me. . . Emmanuel
93~VeggieTales nativity characters turned into fighter pilots

94~Moose in the yard
95~Dinner ready on time, a rarity here
96~Another gorgeous sunrise

10:42 am

10:51 am

What a difference nine minutes makes!

97~A little girl’s singing in her bed
98~A little boy’s cow flashlight mooing
99~A five year old boy who likes sardines
100~A nice chat with a dear sister

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Want to join us?


3 Responses to “MM: December 14”

  1. adoption mama Says:

    Thank you for your encouragement on my blog. Our “Hoss'” struggles is the hardest thing we have ever gone through. I appreciate your prayers.


  2. TTu: Decorating « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] Comments adoption mama on MM: December 14purplemoose on MPM: December 13MM: December 14 … on TT: ShelomithMM: December 14 […]

  3. nani Says:

    Lovely! You are doing so good with this…me…I’m procrastinating until the new year! I’m loving them all but…beet greens? hmmm…maybe it is an acquired taste 🙂

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