MPM: Week of November 23

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A few quick notes on last week’s menu:

Substituting potatoes for the rice in Monday’s chicken and rice?  Never again!! ‘Nuff said.

The cocoa fruit dip was also not well received.  Not sweet enough, they said.  I didn’t measure the ingredients, but I guess I didn’t add enough honey.  (I thought it was good!)

The dried sweet corn was a total flop.  Twice! First off, I moved it to Saturday night (not the reason for the flop.)  I soaked the dried corn kernels for an hour and then cooked them for a half hour before dinner, and they were still hard.  So I cooked them for a few more hours that night, figuring on serving them Sunday night instead.  Wellllll. . . I forgot the pan was on the stove top and it burned.  So I dumped out the un-blackened kernels and put them in the fridge, and left the burned-on pan (hey, it was late and I was tired!)

Sunday afternoon I put the un-blackened kernels in a pan with more water and after a few hours they were STILL hard.  And guess what!?  Yeah, I forgot about the pan again and it burned again.  So last night I worked to clean off TWO burned on corn pans.

(That  makes three for the week. . . on Tuesday I cooked rice for my lunch; after I put the pan on the stove I went to do some writing and forgot about it.)

Being that I am a glutton for punishment, I think I will try to cook dried corn again.  This time, I will do what I usually do for dried beans (soak overnight, then cook for an hour or so.)  Anyone ever used dried corn and want to share a favorite recipes or tip?

So I am hoping that this week will work out better.  Although I am a bit concerned, since I’m trying out a new recipe.  *crosses fingers*

Monday:  Baked chicken and squash with a noodle side dish (yeah, we just need a break from the potatoes methinks.)

Tuesday:  Leftovers, or a freezer meal.   It will be a VERY busy day for us.

Wednesday:  Sloppy Joe’s with a random veggie.

Thursday:  We will be sharing a Thanksgiving meal with friends, and our dish to bring is the mashed potatoes.  The Bull plans to make them (YAY!)

Friday, Kids’ night: Breakfast for dinner: Pancakes or muffins, eggs, fruit.

Saturday:  Dinner with friends.

Sunday:  Leftovers.

If you’re searching for good ideas, check out Org Junkie’s blog.  Happy Thanksgiving to ya’all who are celebrating this week!


2 Responses to “MPM: Week of November 23”

  1. Tiaras & Tantrums Says:

    I do hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year PM!!

  2. MM: November 23 « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] to The Bull, Calf 1, and Calf 2.) 27~11/21/09~For The Bull’s scrubbing the pan in which I burned rice. 28~11/22/09~That the burned on corn is cleaned out of the […]

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