MM: November 16

holy experience

In September, which seems like a million years ago and several galaxies away now, a dear friend Nani shared a particularly touching blog posting with me and several other friends.

“Oh great, another blog.  I do NOT have time for this!” I thought.  I didn’t look at it.  Didn’t even consider it.  And yet, there was that nagging little feeling that I need to read it.  (I’m coming to realize that I shouldn’t ignore that little feeling.)

It waited for me, that blog did.  I looked at that email from Nani a dozen times.  And then Shelomith happened.  That week, a dear mutual friend, Kristine, gave me a printed copy of the same blog posting.

I couldn’t not read it this time.  That blog had pursued me.

I finally had time to read it.  And I was totally blown away by the beauty, the simplicity of the writing.

One thing led to another and I found myself spending time looking through her old posts.  They resonated with me.  This one in particular struck my attention:  The Grattitude Journal.

I sighed.  Don’t I have enough things to be doing?  And yet. . . this one grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let me go.   “I don’t have time” turned into “Well, I do have a new journal I could use. . . ”  (It, of course, is purple.)

So I’ve decided to participate in this.  My goal is to make my 1000 gifts list before the end of March, when Shelomith would have been born.  I’m thinking that I’ll really really need to be counting my blessings at that time.

Here’s my list thus far:

1~10/19/09 Purple overalls, size 2
2~10/19/09 Virginia Beach t-shirts from Grandpa Ray
3~10/20/09 The ability to educate my children at home as we see best
4~10/20/09 The support (financial, practical, emotional, social) to do so
5~10/22/09 Sandie, “our room”
6~10/25/09 Warm October weather and delay of snow (better for travel around the state)
7~10/26/09 A warm (down) winter coat, my size, $35
8~10/27/09 Donut “seeds” at a favorite bakery
9~11/1/09 Blue Letter Bible10~11/9/09 A dryer that re-started itself after prematurely shutting off
11~11/10/09 A warm fire on a snowy day
12~11/11/09 The veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country, especially the one I married  ♥
13~11/12/09 Woodstove, candles, and flashlights that kept our house warm and bright when the power went out last night for an hour
14~11/12/09 20,338 words!
15~11/13/09 A pretty good sale on broccoli and cauliflower (88 cents a pound) and that 2 of the 3 kids (and both of us parents) will eat it
16~11/14/09 Meatballs, potatoes, lefse, cookies with friends. . . and lutefisk for The Bull



17~11/15/09 Quiet, lazy days at home to catch up on things

Does this sound like a good idea to you?  Want to join us?


7 Responses to “MM: November 16”

  1. Kristy Says:

    Congratulations on beginning to count the blessings (Blogging about them anyway!). I know what you mean, I love THAT blog!!!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Heather Twitchell Says:

    Love the List! THanks for joining in with us! We seem to have somethin in common…. Moose. I apparently swallow them and you paint them. LOL… or vice versa.

    Happy Gratitude Scribblings!

  3. sheila Says:

    Beautiful! I do something very similar but I may just check into this one.

    While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil. ~John Taylor (one of my fav quotes)

    I remembered this after I was here the other day. Take care.

  4. Laura Says:

    Thanks for “popping” over to my blog! So nice to be connected with fellow-bloggers who share this life of gratitude and thanksgiving! We are blessed beyond measure, aren’t we!
    I wish you many more blessings from above!

  5. Khadra Says:

    Great list, ,makes me think too.

    Im so sorry to hear about your loss 😦 I have been so out of the loop. If you need to talk, Im around (email me). Ive been through the same thing.

  6. nani Says:

    I am so glad that you have been touched by the Holy Experience blog…too many times to count it has squeezed my heart! I decided I would start the gratitude journal at the beginning of the year. I think about it almost every day…but have just not taken the time to write. Which I need to do…soon. Loves & hugs!!!

  7. MM: December 7 « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] I started doing my gratitude journal, I thought it would be a good goal to list 1,000 gifts before our baby […]

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