TT: Waiting For A Blessing

(Friday again. . . I’m trying really hard to get it together. . .maybe next week will be better?)

This week, being that it was Veteran’s Day, a local building materials store had a discount for veterans.  We are in the midst of building an addition on our house and had planned to get a few things.  Except that when The Bull went in to make his purchases, he forgot one little item.

The insulation.

OK that’s actually a big big BIG item.

“Oh well,” we figured.  “There will be another sale sometime, we can wait to purchase it.”  And we promptly forgot about it.

Until he went back in to the store yesterday and found a pile of insulation.  Its outer packaging had been damaged in transit to the store and said insulation was discounted quite a bit.  So we ended up getting it for way less than we would have paid on Wednesday, even with his veteran’s discount.

W O W ! ! !

Isn’t it lovely when it works this way sometimes?  I’m sure you’ve all received that email that tells of the people who were not at the World Trade Center on that horrible morning of September 11, 2001.  These people were held up by life–a broken shoelace, a donut run, a missed bus, a child moving too slowly in getting ready for the day.  And they all were not where they were supposed to be.  And survived . . . because of delays that would drive me up the wall on a typical day.

Personally, I am the type to get really frustrated when my plan doesn’t work.  Because I know the best way to schedule my time, my days, right?  It is so frustrating when (another Wednesday incident!) I get home from the grocery store to find an email about a really good sale that I missed out on.

A day late, a dollar short!

Or three hours late, and $15 dollars short, in the case of the groceries.

I’m learning that I need to let go of my plans.  No matter how much I’ve considered and planned and figured what will be best, there is One who is still in charge.  And He alone knows what is truly best for my life.

And I need to remember that when we miss the big sale, He may have an even bigger blessing in store for us.

A few weeks after we lost Shelomith, I was talking with a friend who had miscarried multiple times.  She told me about one that was especially difficult, wiping away tears.  And yet, she said:  “Had I not miscarried, I would not have my son B.  And I can’t imagine life without him!”

I don’t know what the LORD has planned for us.  Will I ever conceive again?  If I do, will I miscarry again or carry the baby to term?  Or–will I conceive and bear a dozen more children?  There are no guarantees in life, are there?  (Aside from the death and taxes thing, of course.)

And maybe the blessings that come to us from this difficult time have nothing to do with children, and everything to do with walking a little closer to Him.

(Although honestly . . . I do like the idea of having another baby sometime.  😀  )

This has happened for me before.  It was horribly, terribly hard to lose my first husbandAnd yet, if I had not, I would not have moved to Alaska and met the friends that have been so dear to me today.  Including The Bull.  When we were newlyweds and moved from our little cabin in the woods to a different town, we left behind a lot of wonderful people and it was a sad, sad time for us.  And yet, if we had not had this loss, we would not be where we are today, in the midst of caring friends and with the wonderful blessings that we’ve found here.

It’s not theory for me.  Loss is always, always hard.  But there are always bright spots in the grief.  There’s an old expression I remember hearing in middle school:  “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”

So I know that I can keep on holding onto the hope that He allows the hard things in our lives and that He will bring blessings beyond what we could hope or imagine.  (see I Corinthians 2:9, Ephesians 3:20.)

So today, I’m thankful that I’m not in control.  Which makes me cringe to type!  And yet, it’s so true.  I’m thankful that I’m learning to rest in His plans.

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4 Responses to “TT: Waiting For A Blessing”

  1. Denise Says:

    I am so glad you are a beautiful part of this world sweetie, bless you.

  2. heidi Says:

    Ack! Thankful to NOT be in control! ACK ACK ACK!

    It’s always interesting to look back and see how things that didn’t go the way we thought they should are impacted by the way things actually went. Had I not lost two of my babies, there would be no Sienna and no Corban. It eases the pain of the losses a bit.

  3. sheila Says:


    Everything will fall into place when it’s supposed to. 🙂

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