It’s Time To Pray!! Again!!

UPDATED!!!  Glorious, gracious God Who has given us marvelous gifts!  Stellan has come through surgery and is doing . . . great!


As I write this, baby Stellan has just gone in for his ablation.

He’s just had his first birthday.  Sadly, the actual day was spent in the hospital in his home state.  Because of how quickly he got sick at that time, the doctors have decided that they can no longer wait to do this serious, scary medical procedure for him.

He’s already had one ablation that was not successful.  They had hoped to wait to do a second ablation until he was bigger, older, as that can make for a better outcome.  But his heart will not cooperate with medications, so they can wait no longer.

So MckMama and Stellan are in Boston right now.  Prince Charming should be in Boston soon.

Let’s join them in praying for peace for their parents, and for a successful surgery for their son.  (a little attempt at alliteration for MckMama here!)


3 Responses to “It’s Time To Pray!! Again!!”

  1. nani Says:

    I’ve been keeping them close all day…this little guy makes my heart hurt 😦 I just keep praying that whatever God has for today, that He will be glorified. The amount of witnessing that is involved in this little guys first year of life is amazing!

  2. debi b Says:

    saying prayers for sweet Stellen.

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    […] was another little baby, Stellan, and his heart.  Dear LORD, how we prayed for that boy!!  Several times in 2009 he was hospitalized for SVT, a potentially deadly heart condition.  (A […]

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