MPM: Week of November 2

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This week my focus is on cooking only a few days, but making it mucho copious abundant so there are leftovers to last the week.  Why?  Well, because I’ve signed up to do this absolutely insane thing this month, and The Bull’s work schedule is quite a bit screwy this week.  So.  No point in making a fantastic meal every night when the kids are happier with PB&J.

Monday:  More French fries made with Calf #2’s potatoes.  And meatloaf and carrot sticks.

Tuesday:  Left overs.

Wednesday:  Dinner at church.

Thursday:   Chili, cornbread, and veggies.

Friday, Kids’ night:  Breakfast for dinner!  Yay, it’s back!  Muffins, eggs, fruit.

Saturday:  Noodles and alfredo sauce and pork casserole.  With the random veggies.

Sunday:  Sloppy Joe’s (or, as my father in law used to say, Untidy Josephs.)

Head over to the Org Junkie’s place to share your menu and recipes


3 Responses to “MPM: Week of November 2”

  1. Christabelle Says:

    LOL! That’s great! I like “Untidy Josephs” Sounds like you got this week under control.

  2. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) Says:

    Hee hee– I’m subscribed to the AK thread and NaNo, and saw your note.

    Did you already know I did NaNo in ’06? (Blogged through it too, so you can go read my highs, learnings and lows in Oct/Nov of ’06.) Won too, and that ‘s the novel I just “finished” (again) this fall.

    Good luck.

    I found the bast way to stick it out was to tell gobbs of people what you’re doing, then you’ve no easy way to back out. Every Sunday 2 or 4 people would ask how it was coming, and that locked me in pretty firmly.

  3. MPM: Week of November 9 « Purple Moose Tracks Says:

    […] Sunday:  Ginger garlic moose stir fry (I posted the recipe last week.) […]

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