MPM: Week of October 19

meal plan monday button

I didn’t post meals for two whole weeks!!  Yes, we were eating.  Our friends have taken good care of us.  But now I’m trying to get back to the swing of meals.

Monday:  Ham and potates (aka scalloped potatoes and ham) with veggies.  I used the cream soup recipe found here.

Tuesday:  Birthday party for the middlest Mooselet.  Although I really don’t feel much like partying.  (This, sadly, is not the first year that his party got hijacked by sad family news.)  We’ll have meteors (meatballs) and light sabers (noodles) and space food (corn and hominy.)  Did I mention that it’s a Star Wars themed party?  And The Bull decorated his cake with an X-wing fighter.  It worked out really nicely.

Wednesday:  Dinner at church.

Thursday:   Sandwiches.  We’re going on a short road trip!

Friday, Kids’ night:   Leftovers.

Saturday: Leftovers.

Sunday:  Visiting with friends.

Stop over at Org Junkie’s to see what’s for dinner elsewhere in the blog-o-sphere.


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