. . . And I’m Outta Here!

This time of year always gets The Bull’s heart a-pumpin’.  And this year we have the unexpectedly wonderful opportunity to do something a little special.  So I’m gonna take a blogging break.  (OK, honestly, more of a break, since it could be argued that I’ve been on a break for a few months.  We’ll just make it official.)

It’s a trip that will hopefully involve one of


these, but with bigger antlers.  And maybe if we are very lucky it will also include one of


these, also with bigger antlers.  (Yes, this picture was taken in our back yard.  Thankfully, it was not while the children were playing outside.)  We will, of course, be taking along one or two of

these.  This trip will also require a few of


these to spend a lot and a lot of time in


this.  Can we say FUN FUN FUN?!

The kids, of course, are hoping for a little time in



So hopefully when I return to the bloggy world, it will be after achieving some kind of success on this trip (which could be only that we return home safe and sane!)

Depending on things and circumstances and stuff, I may be able to post a time or three while I’m gone, moderate comments, etc.

But I might not, too.  🙂


5 Responses to “. . . And I’m Outta Here!”

  1. Mum-me Says:

    Okay you can tell I am not from Alaska. Are they reindeer in the first photo? I am pretty sure the second was a moose? Is it hunting season?

    Have a great break!

  2. sheila Says:

    Have fun! Take and post lots o pics!

  3. purplemoose Says:

    You are close, Mum-me, the first photo is caribou (same as reindeer except not domesticated.) Second is moose. It IS hunting season! 🙂

  4. debi b Says:

    Have a wonderful break and much luck on the hunt! Hope you are able to get your winter’s worth of meat 🙂

  5. cat Says:

    Enjoy! Can not wait to see the pictures.

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