MPM: The Bull to the Rescue

meal plan monday button

One of the hardest things about pregnancy for me is the food.  I’m hungry almost always, but I don’t like my cooking and have a hard time finding something that sounds good.  Plus, on Saturday night I came down with the head congestion cold thingamajig that the rest of the family started on Wednesday.  (At least we’ve all had it and now we can get on with life!)

So The Bull has graciously agreed to cook a few meals this week!  What a man!!!!  He even allowed me to pick out the meals.  He’s very trusting.  🙂

Monday:   Scalloped potatoes (sliced potatoes in a white sauce with cheese and maybe ham.)  And fresh garden salad on the side.   Oh, and broccoli in cheese sauce too.  Yummy!

Tuesday:   Burgers, home made french fries (with our oldest calf’s home grown potatoes!), salad.

Wednesday:  Dinner at church.

Thursday:  Chicken and broccoli quiche; maybe crustless, maybe not.

Friday, Kids’ night:   Saturday:   Sunday:  We’re on the go and will have to grab something here and there.

Org Junkie’s blog has lots more ideas for meals and other organizing tips.  Stop by sometime.


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