BPS: Sippy Cup

Sunday again . . . the weeks are just flying!!  That’s sort of a good thing, since we’re on a count down to 40 weeks.

Today’s pics take us back to Calf #2’s first taste of a jelly-filled donut, 10/7/07.  He was three years old.  And. . . he was, ah, afraid of it.


I found his reaction quite humorous.  We tried to give him a spoonful of jelly, twice (you can see the jelly-filled spoons beside the plate) but he would have none of it.


So tentative. . . so careful. . .


This is my boy who doesn’t like being messy.  Jelly donuts really stretched his horizons.


But in the end, he was successful!  Yes, folks, we have a jelly-donut-eater on our hands!

(Sorry, Debi, I know that these pics had nothing to do with the sippy cup. . . but they were all I could find with sippy cups!)

Baby Picture Sunday is a great, fun meme that Debi hosts every week!  Why not join us next week?


2 Responses to “BPS: Sippy Cup”

  1. debi b Says:

    There was a sippy in them, so it counts 😉

    LOVE how carefully he was trying to eat that messy donut. LOL

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. Tiaras & Tantrums Says:

    my kids still won’t eat jelly

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