MPM: Do We Really Need to Eat This Week?

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Didn’t I make dinners last week? (and the week before, and the week before, and . . .) Can’t I just take a week off?  HELP!  I need a vacation!

*Sigh!*  We also had a busy weekend, so today one of the (many) things on my to-do list for today is “clean the kitchen.”  Ugh!  I just cannot cook in a dirty kitchen.

But at least we’re having fun, right?  Riiiiiiight.

Monday:  We’ll be having a special treat.  I heard about a coupon and rebate offer on the new Tyson Skillet Creations meal kit.  (So I printed the coupon and bought it this weekend. . . this morning I went to print the rebate and it is gone!  The man I talked with at Tyson customer service said there was an error with the rebate form and it should be posted again in a few days.)  We’ll be trying the chicken fajita variety.  The only problem with this meal kit is it only serves 3. . . and there will be 5 of us around the table!  Guess we’ll supplement with refried beans, cheese, and tortillas.  🙂  Oh, and did I mention that the lettuce in the garden has grown enough for us to harvest a bit? Fresh veggies, yay!

Tuesday:  Parmesan chicken.  (Basically, cooked chicken breasts with spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce, topped with parmesan cheese.)  Kid-friendly and easy!

Wednesday:  Dinner @ church.  (Well, it’s like a mini-vacation, anyway!)

Thursday:  Potato stroganoff with moose meat.  Random veggies Fresh garden veggies!

Friday, Kids’ night:  Breakfast for dinner!  Eggs, German pancakes (aka oven waffle; I think this may be similar to a recipe I liked as a teen. . . we’ll see!) and–if I get very ambitious–vanilla pudding.

Saturday:  Left O’Vers.

Sunday:  Baked chicken, pasta side dish, garden fresh veggies.

Not sure what to feed your crew?  Look over at Org Junkie‘s blog, she’s always got some great ideas.


4 Responses to “MPM: Do We Really Need to Eat This Week?”

  1. debi b Says:

    Yeah, I need a week off too! I haven’t been posting my menu since I’m on blogging hiatus, but I’m still cooking. UGH!

    I make my chicken parm very similar 🙂

  2. purplemoose Says:

    I know you’ve needed time away Debi. . . but I’m looking forward to your return! Hope your week goes well.

  3. Becca Says:

    What does moose meat taste like? I have never tried it!

  4. purplemoose Says:

    It’s actually pretty similar to beef, except a whole lot less fat and cholesterol (which means it gets dry easily.) Not much like deer, I’m told.

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