MPM: Sick Kids Again!

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Yup, the kids are sick again!  Nothing major, nothing horrible.  Just little summertime coughs and runny noses.  The little miss seems to be having an especially rough go of it.  Saturday she’d had a runny nose; last night she had an unusually difficult time settling down for bed (involving many tears) and then woke a number of times over night (1:20, 1:40, 2, 4:30 . . .)  So this mama moose is one tired puppy.

And today, she’s been quite clingy and wanted to be held.  I’m assuming that she just doesn’t feel well.  😦

Nevertheless, there are meals to be made!  Amazing how life goes on, even despite crying, coughing, and cranky children.

Monday:  Turkey enchiladas (from the freezer–today was too busy and I’m too tired to do any real cooking.)

Tuesday:  Bubble and squeak (cabbage, potatoes, and bacon all fried up together.)

Wednesday:  Dinner @ church.

Thursday:  Pizza with friends, woo-hoo!

Friday, Kids’ night:  Hot dogs at a cook out.

Saturday:  Breakfast for dinner: eggs, pancakes or waffles or muffins, fruit.

Sunday:  Moose stroganoff with rice; random veggies.

See ya’all later. . . Org Junkie can set you up with other yummy meal plans.


3 Responses to “MPM: Sick Kids Again!”

  1. Tiaras & Tantrums Says:

    Everyone was sick in our house last week with colds (even me) – all are still lingering

  2. heidi Says:

    I haven’t posted my menu this week yet, have I? I forgot. *sigh* We’re doing sick over here, too. B was up with a fever last night of 102-103 WITH meds. It was a long, hot night here! Hope everyone is feeling better at your place.

  3. Becca Says:

    I love breakfast for dinner!!!

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