MPM: Late Night

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It’s been a busy couple weeks. . . this one should be busy too!  So I’m going to throw this out quickly and go to bed.

Oh, yeah: the birthday party was moved to Sunday and it was a blast!  I’ll try to post pics later.  (Of course I always say that, but I can never get around to it. . .)

Monday:  Moosey cheesy hashbrown casserole, random veggies.

Tuesday:  Paprika chicken, noodles, veggies.

Wednesday:  Left O. Vers.

Thursday:  Smoked salmon, some kinda side dishes and veggies.

Friday, Kids’ night:  Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Saturday:  Last week’s black bean and corn dish was a smashing success; I think I’ll try it again.  (Recipe here, about halfway down the page.)

Sunday:  Breakfast for dinner: eggs, pancakes or waffles or muffins, fruit.

You could head to Org Junkie’s if you’re looking for other menus.


One Response to “MPM: Late Night”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Wow….I really like the Above Rubies website. I clicked there to get the recipe and then spent an hour reading about everything from preparing for Shabbat to homeschooling. Thanks! 🙂

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