MPM: The Last Post

meal plan monday button

. . . that I will do for menu plan monday in June, that is!  🙂

(Sorry, did I scare you? 😀 )

Ok. I am all excited because, after a year and a half of desperately trying to get my meal plans in order. . . I DID IT!!!  I am finally feeling organized with regards to what I’m feeding my family!

I have tried a number of different plans.  These are the ones that did not work for us:

  • The monthly meal calendar:  Once I finally committed to making it, I could not follow it!  Invariably, unexpected plans came up, or we didn’t have the necessary ingredients or money to purchase them, and then my whole month was shot.  (Procrastinating took several months; once I worked up the courage to plan up a couple of month, it lasted about three days.)
  • Specifying a certain type of meal every month (for example, planning for moose meat meals four times in a month; salmon three times; chicken twice; beans three times; etc.):  I felt very limited, and couldn’t decide what to make beyond a few meals.  (This I used in conjunction with the monthly meal calendar; it also lasted about three days.)
  • A weekly calendar which specified that Monday night was moose night, Tuesday night was beans, etc.:  Again, unforseen circumstances threw this one off.  And I still felt restricted in this format!  (Didn’t even get going!)  (Although one really neat thing that happened from this is I started a list of meals we like, categorized by main meat.)

So I had about given up when I found the OrgJunkie’s “Menu Plan Monday” meme.  (Thanks, Heidi!)  Why does it work for me?

  • It is an weekly plan, which is easier for me (although you could do two weeks at a time like Heidi does.)
  • There is the accountability of linking up every week.
  • I had learned some tips from Heidi that made it work.
    • One, to ask the people eating what they wanted!  This eliminated the “I don’t want to eat this!” portion of my meal planning failures.
    • Two, to switch days if needed, or even carry over a meal one week to the next.  This eliminated the rigidity of feeling stuck in a meal plan.

It has taken some tweaking, for sure!  I realized at one point that the “what to eat” dilemma was occurring for lunches instead of dinners.  But now I feel like I’m organized with my weekly menu plan and my meal idea list.

So now I guess I should tackle the computer table.  Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!

(Actually, getting it cleaned up isn’t as hard as keeping it cleaned!)

Here’s what’s on the schedule this week:

Monday:  Spaghetti with meat sauce. (Carryover from last week.)

Tuesday:  Southern Oven Fried Chicken (which we jokingly call “Chernobyl Chicken,” as it calls for three thighs, three legs, and three breasts.)  Along with potato side dish and random veggies.

Wednesday:  Dinner at church.

Thursday:  Hamburgers on the grill, potato salad, random veggies.

Friday, Kids’ night:  Pizza Braid (although I may just use my own bread recipe, and I think I’ll make several small pizza braids instead of one large one.  That way everyone can have their favorite toppings.)

Saturday:  4th of July BBQ, and I’m not sure what we’ll be taking.

Sunday:  Leftovers.

If you are looking for more menu plans and other great organizing ideas, I’d suggest you visit Org Junkie’s place.


One Response to “MPM: The Last Post”

  1. T&T Says:

    I can never do this – by the 2nd or 3rd day – I don’t feel like cooking or eating what I had planned!

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