WW: Boy Box

November3, 2007.  Still waiting for snow.


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6 Responses to “WW: Boy Box”

  1. T&T Says:

    too funny – it must not have been too cold – I see boots but not heavy coats!

  2. purplemoose Says:

    These boys LIVE in boots. Winter is snow boots, summer is mud boots (even when it’s NOT muddy!)

  3. Rita Says:

    Oh good grief! I absolutely hate snow but we sure get a lot of it. I’m so glad for summer. The boys are cute.

    Thanks for the visit. No, sadly, I did not get to go to the Big Ticket Festival at all. It’s 3 days long and $79 a ticket. I couldn’t afford it. My kids got to go free because they were volunteers.

  4. Mum-me Says:

    Don’t all children love to play in a big cardboard box!

  5. purplemoose Says:

    $79, how crazy! Sorry you didn’t get to go!

  6. heidi Says:

    Holy Big Box Batman!

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