TT: Sweeties

Mmmmmmm, Chocolate!  My favorite!

The past few days I’ve thought it would be more efficient for me just to have someone give me an IV drip of liquid chocolate.  There are some days when I just don’t think I can eat the chocolate fast enough, when I eat piece after piece after piece after piece!  Days like these I reach for the M&M’s (or are they W&W’s?) rather than the Dagoba . . . because it’s cheaper and I have more of it. 😀   (Yesterday a friend said that craving chocolate could mean my body is needing calcium and magnesium. . . have to look into that one!  Chocolate is certainly tastier than calcium and magnesium!)

Sadly, chocolate isn’t mentioned in the Bible.  The sweetest thing the Israelites knew was honey.  I never liked honey, until I first tasted wildflower honey.  Wow, it is so much tastier than clover honey!  It even gives chocolate a run for its money.  (Plus, it’s already liquid, so the IV should work a little better, right?)

And honey, of course, reminds me of Psalm 119:103: “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

This Psalm has the dubious distinction of being the longest chapter in the entire Bible, weighing in at 176 verses.  (I don’t think I’ll try to memorize this one next, I’ll stick with shorter Psalms!)  If you’ve got some time and want to read it through for yourself, click here.

It is full of little snippets about God’s Word. . . it is good (verse 39), it is comforting (verse 52), it is “more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold” (verse 72), it is trustworthy (verse 86), it makes me wise (verse 98), it is my heritage forever (verse 111), it is wonderful (verse 129), it is righteous (verse 138), it has been thoroughly tested (verse 140), it is my delight (verse 143), it lasts forever (verse 152), and I’m sure there were a few more that I missed. 🙂

(Throughout this psalm, various synonyms are used.  Words, Statutes, Decrees, Laws, Commands, Precepts, Promises, all these are referring to the same thing.)

Meanwhile, as the psalmist is meditating on (holding fast to, being sustained by, thinking about, praising Him for, choosing, not forgetting, considering, loving, longing for, rejoicing in, delighting in, obeying, and keeping–yup, more synonyms!) the word of the LORD, he is being attacked by evil men, men who would like to destroy him, men who have no regard for this very Law that the psalmist holds so precious.

Despite the turmoil in this man’s life, he still looks to the LORD:  “Yet you are near, O Lord, and all your commands are true” (verse 151.) I am so thankful that this is still true!

As far as my own meditating on, etc., the Word, I have certainly had some times that I can’t wait to open my bible and read, and when the day’s section is read I just keep right on going.

Right now, though, I’m in a dry spell.  I missed a day (or ten?!) because of an unforeseen change in my schedule (sick kids, teething babies, obligations that cannot wait, plain old laziness, kids woke too early, whatever.)  And I fell behind on the reading plan I started with friends. . . now I’m so far behind that I will never ever catch up.  (And then there are those who like to throw out the guilt trip of  “you gotta read it every day,” yeah!)

So, at this point when I finally get to sit with the Bible, I pick it up and remember that it’s been X number of days since I read it last, and put it back down.  So instead of being read (and cherished, and treasured, and . . .) it just sits there and collects dust.

But I am still thankful that the LORD is near anyway, and that His commands are true and delightful and trustworthy, that they will make me wise, comfort me, and last forever.

And maybe this weekend I’ll get back on the wagon, just pick up at the appropriate readings for this week and keep moving on.

Want to share your thanksgiving?  Click over to Laurie’s and add your own Thankful Thursday post.


4 Responses to “TT: Sweeties”

  1. Denise Says:

    Bless you precious one.

  2. Rita Says:

    Let me encourage you….keep reading! Hope you’re having a great day.

  3. debi b Says:

    Fantastic post. I must admit that as soon as i read the word chocolate, I left my laptop, shoved a handful of M&Ms in my mouth and then came back to read 🙂

    Great verses and wonderful insite.

  4. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) Says:

    Have you seen my post about a similar season in my life? I wrote something I called A New Perspective on Time with God.

    If I said such things now, they probably be excuses more than reality, but at the time a wrote it, the idea was a tremendous relief.

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